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46 pat block 2 Archibllock 7 Archibllock 8 Archiblock 1 Archiblock 2 Archiblock 3 archiblock 4 Archiblock 9 Archiblock 10 archiblock5 archiblock6 Archi-Chiasmum14 archichiasmus 1 Archi-chiasmus 2 Archi-chiasmus 3 Archi-chiasmus 4 Archi-Chiasmus 6 Archi-Chiasmus 7 Archi-chiasmus 8 Archi-Chiasmus 9 Archi-Chiasmus 11 Archi-Chiasmus 12 Archi-Chiasmus 13 Archi-Chiasmus5 archi-chiasmus10 archifragment 1 artcicle 30 Articl27 Article 1 Article 2 article 3 Article 4 Article 5 Article 6 article 7 Article 8 Article 10 Article 11 Article 12 Article 13 Article 14 Article 15 article 17 article 18 article 19 article 20 article 21 Article 22 Article 23 Article 24 Article 25 Article 26 Article 29 Article 36 Article 40 Article 41 Article9 Article16 article24 Article26 Article27 article28 Article29 Broken Field 1 Broken field 2 Broken Field 3 Construct 1 construct 2 Construct 3 construct 4 construct 5 construct 6 construct 7 construct 8 construct 9 Construct 10 construct 11 Construct 12 corrected labyrint 10 corrected labyrinth 4 corrected labyrinth 7 corrected labyrinth 8 corrected labyrinth 10 corrected labyrinth 11 corrected labyrinth 13 corrected labyrinth 14 corrected labyrinth 15 corrected labyrinth 16 corrected labyrinth 17 corrected labyrinth 18 Corrected labyrinth5 Corrected labyrinth6 corrected labyrinth9 correctedlabyrinth 12 crucible 1 crucible 2 crucible 3 crucible 5 crucible 6 crucible 7 Crucible 8 crucible 10 crucible4 crucible9 cultural artifact a-1 cultural artifact a-j Cultural Artifact -double back 1b Cultural Artifact -double back 1c Cultural Artifact -double back 1d Cultural Artifact -double back 1f Cultural Artifact -double back 1g Cultural Artifact -double back 1h Cultural Artifact -double back 1-i Cultural Artifact -double back 1k excavation quarry excavation quarry2 Extended Fragment 2 extended fragment 3 extended Fragment 5 extended fragment 6 extended fragment 7 Extended Fragment 9 Extended Fragment 10 Extended Fragment Extended Fragment8 extended framgmet 4 extended framgmet 5 extended framgmet 6 Form Radical 1 Headers and Footers Hewn Hue 1 Hewn Hue 2 Hewn Hue 3 Hypozeuxis 1 hypozeuxis 2 hypozeuxis 3 metamorphosis oasis meteorite  with mitosis meteorite  with mitosis3 meteorite  with mitosis4 meteorite  with mitosis5 meteorite  with mitosis6 meteorite  with mitosis7 meteorite  with mitosis8 meteorite  with mitosis9 meteoritw with mitosis Oedisphynx 4-2-1 - Copy Oedisphynx 4-2-1 a Oedisphynx 4-2-1b Oedisphynx 4-2-1c Paragone palimpsest 2 Paragone palimpsest 3 Paragone Palimpsest 4 Paragone Palimpsest 5 Paragone Palimpsest 6 Paragone Palimpsest 7 Paragone Palimpsest 8 paragone pamplisest 2 pattern block 1 Publication1 Rebus 2 Rebus 3 Rebus Rebus2 Root Radical set back foot hills set back foot hills 2 Set Back foot hills 3 set back foot hills 4 set back foot hills 5 - Copy Set Back Foot hills 6 set back foot hills 7 Set Back foot hills 8 Slate 1 Sri Lank 18 Sri Lanka 1 Sri Lanka 2 Sri Lanka 3 Sri Lanka 4 Sri Lanka 5 Sri Lanka 6 Sri Lanka 8 Sri Lanka 9 Sri Lanka 10 Sri Lanka 11 Sri Lanka 12 Sri Lanka 13 Sri Lanka 14 Sri Lanka 15 Sri Lanka 16 Sri Lanka 17 Sri Lanka 18 State of Claude 1 State of Claude 2 State of Claude 3 State of Claude 4 State of Claude 5 State of Claude 6 State of Claude 7 State of Claude 8 State of Claude 9 State of Claude 10 State of Claude 12 State of Claude 13 State of Claude 14 Tempestous tympaneae 9 Tempestuous Tympanae 1 Tempestuous Tympanae 2 Tempestuous Tympanae 3 Tempestuous Tympanae 4 Tempestuous Tympanae 5 Tempestuous Tympanae 6 Tempestuous Tympanae7 traduction 1 traduction 3 Traduction 5 Traduction 6 Traduction 7 Traduction 9 Traduction Traduction8 unbutton 1 unbutton 2 unbutton 3 unbutton 4 unbutton 5 unbutton 6 unbutton 7 unbutton 8 unbutton 9 unbutton 10 unbutton 11

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This  link is  to 2  articles currently published as of this month  at the Drawing Research Network  : 1- Jaguar Mask and 2- Nine Notes On Drawing

this following link is to an article currently being considered for publication by the Tracey Organization

This one is a series of “labyrinths” , complex fields meant to be scrolled

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this is a book:

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This file engages verbal visual rhetoric

the following is my daily on line sketchbook

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Labyrinth Nambatso Nimbus

Labyrinth Nambutso NimbusLabyrinth Nambutso Nimbus

click on PDF link to scroll

Labyrinth Nimbatsu Nimbus

This compositional labyrinth places the viewer in the PDF scale in a state of generative immersion with an interactive element and this in turn reflects on the tenets of rhetoric  as object : ethos, pathos and dialectic of which dialectic as  an object reflects on discourse as its subject , and likewise context and expression as issues of identity being and usage.

The labyrinth of the cyber space has track and trace to the original paper scroll or torus which emblematic there in its configuration as a bullnose form to for example the papal bull or later bulletin carry the linguistic density of trope to its resonance and facultative testing of configuration and representation. This chain of signifiers is noted in our pre-hension of the labyrinth ie that of Jason, and the familiar Minotaur in this miniature or Rococo mode as it were, and the architectural center of the scroll is rhymed in the labyrinth, as that which as Lacan notes is the emptiness around which all architecture builds. The title Nimbatsu Nimbus is a kind of nonsense which does not break down into the exampled parsing style of the Torus as it becomes el Toro: Minotaur , but it is interesting how different cultures relate sound: Nimbatsu is the Japanese mantra for the Pureland Amithaba cult (Guanyin” Bodhisahtva of mercy in Chinese ) while the Nimbus is our familiar and nimble word for halo which as words and image play with a generative sense of openness.


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Morphologies of Verbal Visual Space Collective Poetic

archive morph 2 link

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37 labyrinths and refractions

Abbraciare Mortise Abbraciare Mortise Alogon 3b - Copy Alogon 3b – Copy Archive Map 1 Archive Map 1 Archive Master - Copy Archive Master – Copy Corrected Labyrinth Corrected Labyrinth EeO 12 – Copy – Copy EeO 12 - Copy Gamet of Skrr 5 Gamet of Skrr 5 Intern- extern Virtual Dwg Time (3) Intern- extern Virtual Dwg Time (3) Internation on line Residency Struct (2) Internation on line Residency Struct (2) Internation on line Residency Struct Internation on line Residency Struct international spec 2  jpg international spec 2 jpg Is Arete Antinomy Autonomy5 Kairos 3 Kairos 3 Kairos 4 - Copy Kairos 4 Labyrinth Metamorphosis Labyrinth Metamorphosis lanyard 2 lanyard 2 lanyard lanyard Masolino Heraclitean 91 Masolino Heraclitean 91 Mosaic Matrix neo labyrinth 1 Port U Presentation Spectrum Port U Presentation Spectrum ramp partis 6 - Copy ramp partis 6 ramp partis 6 re labyrinth 5 re labyrinth 6 Rune Drawing Spectrum Rune Drawing Spectrum Scroll House 10 (2) Scroll House 10 (2) Spectrum Archive Elevations Spectrum Archive Wings and Plan Spectrum Archive Wings and Plan topos 26 (2) topos 26 (2) visage labyrinth 2 visage labyrinth 2

Antanaclsis 8jpg Aroma Array 4 Article 2 Article26 Astronomical Floor 12 Bowlesque 4 Cara Strata 2g corrected labyrinth 13 Corrected Labyrinth cultural artifact a-j E-levant 7 Emancipated Tube House Gsa2 In The Cast 6 Is Arete Antinomy Autonomy 28 Is Arete Antinomy Autonomy5 Kairos 3 Kairos 4 - Copy Keel House 3 Keel House 11 Lab 6 lab18 Lacunae Kahuna Melee Lantern Continent text 7 Laurentian Alexandria 14 legerdemain 21 lever 5 (2) Loki Locci 5 mark space 5 mortise-berm 1 Odes and ends 9 offset outset askew 11 once h pidgin softlight 4 Plane of Reality 4 plane of reality 10 ply 1 Post Dedifferentiation 9 rhizome sun3 River Platte 3 River Platte 6 Road To Cara 12 Road To Cara 13 Roundabout3 Runic6 Since Xin 2 Sine 7 Sine 8 sine 9 SINUATION Six Series 16 spectral corbel 2 Symploce 9 Tempestuous Tympanae 1 Teratological post surd 4 The labyrinth is a straight line 2a Too fast to fold Trill House Street Corner tuke clinamen 9 visage Labyrinth 3 waimea 3 Well Wright 9

Iching Etchings Mirrorimtopographical chiasme 18 topographical chiasme 26spine spin 8Architectural Chapter 17 Architectural Chapter worlds about worlds 3 Architectural Chapter worlds about worlds 5 Flux and Conflux Erotema Giotto's Blues 6 Giotto's Blues 9 Giotto's Blues 10 Labyrinth Palimpsest 1 Labyrinth Palimpsest 2 physis 1 Physis 2 physis 3 Physis 4 physis 5 Physis 6 Publication1 Riven River 2 s shale 17 shale 18 shale 19 Topographical Chiasme 8 topographical chiasme 10a topographical chiasme 11 topographical chiasme 13 topographical chiasme 14 topographical chiasme 18 topographical chiasme 20 topographical chiasme 26 Zuni Mountain 2

per the Pre Socratic Anaxamander:”up along Just as the first mark contains the morphology of all that then  develops    as was  the Chinese painters belief I tend to believe the first recorded words of Western philosophy contain the potential of a considerable chain of signifiers . Such as these  are morphic to metamorphosis and a developing content which has a topology distributed over both the differences of form evolving from binary to polyphonic combinations . likewise consider  transparency( subject to object oscillation)  and opacity ( manifold of embedded experiential horizons) of perception at the nexus of phenomenological and semiotic simulcrae . These  architectures of knowledge  gathered upon, represented  and build upon the senses as a configuration  now a topology of  the temporality of realizing new potential.

Anaxamander’ Up along g the lines of usage they pay penalty to one another for their transgressions.”

Psychology, as a representative rhetoric carries many contemporary realizations into this phrase, the concepts of  “slippage” and of” transference” for  example refer to the irruptions of the subconscious in the first instance, and the blocking of it in the second. The Anaxamander phrase posits usage, or the metamorphic contents in which meta levels are precisely, transgression. The rhetorical term “contingency” meaning unresolvable state or better… suggests  potential is a turn of phrase that means  time that experienced as  distance  (within transformations) is  different than time that is stated between points, that is, motion in mind and world, which drawing so well represents is not an index of a continuum of imagined points and by extension linked “ points” of view that become planes of consciousness, but rather in their motion are always in extension, just as the subconscious is always in flux.

“Penalty to one another “ pairs transparency as in the Kant formulation” the conditions of experience are simultaneously the conditions of the objects of perception”  In contrast and within the opaque topologies Smithson intuits: “All language is a collection of sites”. The “collective”, – that which is already in motion is falsely interrupted by analysis if analysis insists the scisions it represents are the mood, for they are only mode. A plane of consciousness is not there for a bounded moment but rather also in motion, and rather than an allegory of numbers belongs to qualitative parameter. For that matter, number also , arguably also  really in motion…  as in the measure of space per atomic densities as probabilities of untrackable motions.

The track and trace of subject to object in the case of psychology  (ie Lacan) uses the subscripts and superscripts of formal logic to compare a statement or state with the usage of consideration that belongs to its now temporality… the relation of sign to signifier that Sausseur stated as signified of the subconscious was inverted by Lacan as Subconscious instead the generative state, a kind of verbal cross multiplying or per rhetoric”chiasme”- crossindexing . ( As an ABBA motion for example in Heraclitus: uncomprehending they hear like the deaf, the word is their witness, absent while present).

In the drawng below I have borrowed instead, the topology of the Iching to indicate motion through mind and matter via the morphologies of metamorphosis as topologies of creative temporality and the distances created within which arrive to another kind of time which is that of the object generated realization of a new potential which returns intuition.


Alogon 3b – Copy fieldstream skrr and quietude 7Corrected Labyrinth 2 (2) Corrected Labyrinth 2 (2)



Verbal Visual Rhetoric: psychology as discourse, visualization as a speech form…

Psychology is a representative rhetoric meaning  looking into the human content of the way form follows function through many layers of function  language exemplifies , as Smithson says” a collection of sites” relates situation to consciousness.

The philosophic content that exists to language itself at an extension of poetry to poetics, configuration and representation of content, via  the oscilation of subject to object and the passage from binary relations to manifold, flux, conflux,  thus embody  and embed modes and moods of opacity and transparency of expression.

Visualization as means of content exists within the  phenomenological  as the world represented to senses, and configured to their collective review, of which vision serves in particular to form the concept of these things space. Art therefore is the nexus of form following function at the psychological level of extended sense of what function is as indicated from the aptitude of language to search and find by creating its poetics.


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