Archive 76

2O-1 6v1 6v1a 6v3 6v4 6v5 6W1 6w2 6w3 6w4 6w5 6W6 6W7 6w8 6w9 6w10 6w11 6W12 6w13 6W14 6w15 6w16 6w17 6w18 6w19 6w20 6w21 6w22 6w23 6x1 6x1a 6x2 6x2a 6x3 6x4 6x4a 6x4b 6x4c 6x5 6x6 6x7 6x8 6x9 6y1 6y2 6y3 6y4 6y5 6y6 6y7 6z 5 - Copy 6z 5 6z 6z1 6z3 6z4 6z6 6z7 6z8 6z9 6z10 6z10a 6z11 6z12 7a1 7a2 7a3 7a4 7b 8 7b1 7b2 7b3 7b6 7b7 7b9 7b10 7b11 7c1 7c2 7c3 7c4 7d1 7D2 7d3 7d4 7d5 7d6 7d7 7D8 7d9 7d10 7d11 7d13 7D15 7D16 7d17 7d18 7d19 7D20 7D21 7d22 7d23 7D24 7d25 7d26 7e1 7E2 7e3 7e4 7e5 7e6 7e7 7e8 7e9 7e10 7e11 7e12 7f1 7f2 7f3 7f4 7f5 7f6 7f7 7f8 7f9 7f10 7f11 7f12 7f13 7f14 7f15 7f16 7g lab 11 7g1 7g2 7g3 7g4 7g5 7g6 7g7 7H 20 7h1 7h2 7h3 7h4 7h5 7h6 7h7 7h8 7H9 7H10 7h11 7h12 7H13 7h14 7h15 7h16 7h17 7h18 7h19 7I 6 7I1 7I2 7i4 7i5 7I7 7i8 7i8 7i9 7i10 7i11 7i12 7I13 7i14 7j1 7j2 7J3 7j4 7j5 7J6 7j7 7j8 7j9 7j10 7j11 7k1 7k2 7l1 7l2 7L3 7L4 7L5 7L6 7L7 7L8 7L9 7L10 7M1 7M2 7m3 7m4 7n-1 7n2 7n3 7n4 7n5 7n6 7n7 7n8 7N9 7n10 7n11 7n12 7n13 7n14 7n15 7n16 7n17 7n18 7n19 7O-1 7O-2 7o-3 7o-4 7o-5 7O-6 7P1 7P2 7p3 7P4 7P5 7P6 7p7 7p8 7p9 7p10 7P11 7p12 7q1 7q2 7q3 7q4 7Q5 7q6 7q7 7q8 7q9 7q10 7R1 7r2 7r3 7r4 7r6 7r7 7S 2 7s 14 7s 15 7S 19 7s 23 7S-1 7s3 7S4 7S5 7s6 7s7 7s8 7s9 7s9 7S10 7s11 7s11 7s12 7S13 7s16 7s17 7s18 7s20 7s21 7s22 7s23 7s25 7T-1 7t2 7t3 7t4 7t5 7U1 7U2 7u3 complement w mask&tonic 7u4 pat block1 7u5 7u6 7u7 7u8 7u9 7u10 7u11 7u12 7u13 7v1 7v2 7v3 7v4 7v5 7v6 7v7 7v8 7v9 7w1 7w2 7w3 7w8 76 lab 2 76 lab 2 76 lab 6 76 lab 7 76 lab 8 76 lab 9 76 lab 10 76 lab 12 76 lab 13 76 lab 14 76 lab 15 76 lab 16 76 lab 17 76 lab1 76 lab6 76lab3 76lab4 76lab5 20081115_4 (2) 20081115_4 (3) Capture CyberDrawingASVisualRhetoricMoorderSculpturotecturalArchives 4 dwg trope 3 Publication1 Pureland Painting pureland save Snapshot_20150125 sO-4 Souvenir 1 souvenir 3 souvenir2 www dwg trope 2 www.drawingontrope

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Archive 75

4N1polemic 4N2 - Copy 4O 1 4O 8 4O 9 4O2 4O3 4o4 4O5 4O6 4O7 4O10 4P 4 4P 9 4P 10 4P 11 4P 12 4P 14 4p1 4p2 4p3 4p4 4P5 4p6 4p7 4P8 4p9 4P13 4p14 4p15 4P16 4p17 4P18 4p19 4p20 4p21 4P22 4R1 4r2 4R3 4R4 4r5 4R6 4R7 4S 6 4S 7 4S 14 4S 15 4S 16 4S 18 4S 19 4S1 4s2 4s3 4S4 4S5 4S8 4s9 4S10 4s11 4s12 4S13 4s14 4s15 4S16 4s17 4S18 4T 5 4T 6 4T 9 4t1 4T2 4T3 - Copy 4T3 4t4 4T5 4t7 4T8 4t10 4t11 4t12 4T14 4t15 4t16 4ta 4tb 4tc 4td 4Te 4tf 4tg 4th 4ti 4tj 4tk 4tl 4U 5 - Copy 4U 5 4U 6 4U 7 4u1 4U2 4u3 4u4 4u7 - Copy 4u7 4v1 4V2 4v3 4v4 4v5 4v6 4v7 4v8 4v9 4v10 4v13 4v14 4v15 4v16 4v17 4v18 4v19 4va 4vb 4vc 4vd 4ve 4vf 4w1 4w2 4w3 4w4 4w5 4w6 4x 12 4x1 4x2 4x3 4x4 4x5 4x6 4x7 4x8 4x9 4x10 4x11 4y 3 4y1 4y2 - Copy 4y2 4y4 - Copy 4y4 4y5 - Copy 4y5 4y6 - Copy 4y6 4y7 4y12 - Copy 4y12 4z1 4z2 4z3 4z4 - Copy 4z4 4z5 4z6 4z7 - Copy 4z7 4z8 4z9 4z13 5a1 - Copy 5a1 5a2 - Copy 5a2 5a3 - Copy 5a3 5a3a - Copy 5a3a 5a3b - Copy 5a3b 5a4 - Copy 5a4 5c - Copy 5c 5d 5e 5f 5g 6-0 9 6-0 10 6a 6b - Copy 6b 6b2 6c 6h 6i 6I2 6J 1 6j2 - Copy 6j2 6J3 6j4 - Copy 6j4 6J5 6J6 - Copy 6J6 6j7 6J8 6J9 6j10 - Copy 6j10 6j11 - Copy 6j11 6J12 - Copy 6J12 6J13 6j14 6K1 - Copy 6K1 6k3 6k4 6k5 6k6 - Copy 6k6 6K7 6k8 6K9 6K10 - Copy 6K10 6k11 - Copy 6k11 6K12 - Copy 6K12 6K13 6L1 6L2 6L3 6L4 6L5 6L6 6L7 6L8 6L9 6L10 6L11 6L12 6L13 6M 10 6M 16 - Copy 6M 16 6m1 6M2 6M3 6M4 6M5 6M6 6M7 6M8 6M11 6M12 6M13 6M14 6M15 6M16 6M17 - Copy 6M17 6M18 6N 8 6N1 - Copy 6N1 6N2 - Copy 6N2 6N3 6N4 6N5 6N6 6N7 6N8 6N9 6N10 6N11 6O 2 6-O-3 6-o-4 6-o-5 6-o-6 6-o-7 6P 1 6P 11 6P 12 6P 13 6P 14 6p2 6p3 - Copy 6p3 6P4 6p5 - Copy 6p5 6p6 6p7 6p8 6p9 6p10 6Q 7 6Q1 6Q2 6Q3 6q4 6Q5 6q6 6q8 6r1 6r2 6S 10 6S 13 6S 16 6S1 6s2 6S3 6S4 - Copy 6S4 6S5 6S6 6S7 6s7a 6S8 6S9 6S9a 6S10 6S11 6S11a 6s12 6s14 6S14a 6s14b - Copy 6s14b 6s14c - Copy 6s14c 6s14d - Copy 6s14d 6s14e - Copy 6s14e 6s15 6s15a 6T 3 - Copy 6T 3 6T 6 6T 11 6T 14 - Copy 6T 14 6T1 - Copy 6T1 6t2 - Copy 6t2 6t4 6t5 - Copy 6t5 6T7 - Copy 6T7 6T8 6t9 - Copy 6t9 6T10 - Copy 6T10 6T12 - Copy 6T12 6t13 - Copy 6t13 6T15 6U1 6U2 6U3 6u4 6u5 6u6 6u7 6u8 6u9 6u10 6u11 6u12 403 601 603 - Copy 603 604 20081115_2 (2) 20081115_4 Drawing DrawingPhenomenae[1] 145 dwng q1 q2 q3 Snapshot_20150115_55 Snapshot_20150115_56 Snapshot_20150115_57 Snapshot_20150115_58 Snapshot_20150115_59 Snapshot_20150115_60 Snapshot_20150115_61 Snapshot_20150115_62 Snapshot_20150115_63 Snapshot_20150115_64 Snapshot_20150115_65 Snapshot_20150115_66 Snapshot_20150115_67 Snapshot_20150115_68 Snapshot_20150115_69 Snapshot_20150115_70 Snapshot_20150115_71 Snapshot_20150115_72 Snapshot_20150115_73 Snapshot_20150115_74 Snapshot_20150115_75 Snapshot_20150115_76 Snapshot_20150115_77 Snapshot_20150115_78 Snapshot_20150115_79 Snapshot_20150115_80 Snapshot_20150115_81 Snapshot_20150115_82 Snapshot_20150115_83 Snapshot_20150115_84 Snapshot_20150115_85 Snapshot_20150115_86 Snapshot_20150115_87 Snapshot_20150115_88 Snapshot_20150115_89 Snapshot_20150115_90 Snapshot_20150115_91 Snapshot_20150115_92 Snapshot_20150115_93 Snapshot_20150115_94 Snapshot_20150115_95 Snapshot_20150122 Topothesia and Gradients

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Archive 74

4 4a-1 4A-2 - Copy 4A-2 4a-5 - Copy 4a-5 4a-6 - Copy 4a-6 4a-7 - Copy 4a-7 4b-1 4b-2 4b-3 4b-4 4b-5 4b-6 4c-1 4c-2 4c-3 4c-4 4c-5 4c-6 4c-7 4c-8 4c-9 4c-10 4c-11 4c-12 4c-13 4c-14 4c-15 4c-16 4c-17 4c-18 4ci1 4d-1 4d-2 4D-3 4D-4 4D-5 4D-6 4D-7 4D-8 4D-9 4D-10 4D-11 4D-12 4D-13 4D-14 4D-15 4E-1 4E-2 4e-3 4E-4 4E5 4E-5 4E6 4E-6 4E-7 4E-8 4E9 4E10 4E11 4F-1 4F-2 4f-3 4F-4 4F5 4F-6 4F-7 4F8 4f10 4F11 4F-12 4F13 4F-13 4f14 4F15 4f16 4F17 4F18 4f19 4F20 4F21 4F-23 4G 12 4g 13 4g1 4G1a 4G2 4G5 4g6 4g7 4G8 4G9 4G10 4G11 4G14 4g15 4G16 4G18 4G19 4G20 4G21 4h1 4H2 4h3 4I  2 4I-3 4i4 4i5 4i6 4i-6 4i-7 4I-8 4i-9 4i10 4i-11 4i-12 4i-13 4i-14 4i-15 4i-16 4i-17 4i-18 4i-19 4i20 4i-21 4J 6 4J-1 4J2 4j3 4J4 4j5 4j6 4j7 4j8 4J-9 4J10 4J11 4K 2 4K 3 4K-1 4K2 4K-3 4K5 4k5a 4K6 4k7 4k8 4K-8 4k8a 4k9 4K10 4K-10 4K11 4K12 4L 7 4L 9 4L 13 4L 14 4L 15 4L 16 4L 17 4L 18 4L 19 4L 20 4L 21 4L 22 4L 23 4L 24 4L 25 4L 26 4L-1 4l2 4l3 4l4 4L5 4L6 4L7 4L8 4L10 4L11 4L12 4l21 74 Lab 2 74 Lab 2 Great Divide I-1 I-2 M-1 Orphpic Metamorphic Receptive Receptive Topothesia 1 - Copy Topothesia 1 Topothesia 2 - Copy Topothesia 2 Topothesia 3 - Copy Topothesia 3 topothesia 4 - Copy topothesia 4 Topothesia 5 - Copy Topothesia 5 Topothesia 6 - Copy Topothesia 6

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Archive 73

2c-1 2c-2a 2c-3 2c-4 2c-5 2d-1 2d-2 2d-3 2d-4 2d-5 2d-6 2d-7 2d-8 2d-9 2d-10 2d-11 2d-12 2d-13 2d-14 2d-15 2d-17 2d-18 2d-19 2d-21 2d-22 2-d22 2d-23 2e- 3 2e- 10 2e-1 2e-2 2e-4 2e-5 2e-6 2e-7 2e-8 2e-9 2e-11 2e-12 2F 6 2f-1 2f-2 2F-3 2f-4 2f-5 2f-7 2f-8 2f-9 2f-10 2f-11 2f-12 2f-13 2f-14 2f-15 2g-1 2G-2 2g-3 2g-4 2g-5 2g-6 2g-7 2g-8 2g-9 2g10 2h-1 2h-2 2h-3 2h-4 2h-5 2h-6 2h-7 2h-8 2h9 2I-1 2I-2 2I-3 2i4 2i-4 2i-5 2i-6 2I-7 2I-8 2I-9 2i-10 2i-11 2i-12 2iI- 9 2j-1 2j-2 2k-1 2L-1 2l-2 2L-3 2L-4 2L-5 2L-6 2L-7 2L-8 2L-9 2L-10 2M-1 2M-3 2m-5 2m-6 2m-7 2M-8 2m-10 2m-11 2m-12 2m-13 2m-14 2n-1 2n-2 2n-3 2n-4 2n-5 2n-6 2n-7 2n-8 2n-9 2n-10 2n-11 2n-12 2O-1 2o-3 2o-4 2o-5 2o-6 2o-7 2o-8 2O-9 2O-10 2o-11 2p-1 2p2 2p-3 2p-4 2P-5 2P-6 2p-7 2Q-1 2Q-2 2Q-3 2Q-4 2Q-5 2Q-6 2Q-7 2Q-8 2Q-9 2Q-10 2Q-11 2Q-12 2Q-13 2Q-14 2q-15 2q-16 2Q-17 2Q-18 2Q-19 2Q-20 2Q-21 2Q-22 2Q-23 2R-1 2R-2 2R-3 2R-4 2s-1 2S-2 2S-3 2s-4 2t=7 2T-1 2T-2 2T-3 2t-5 2T-6 2t-8 2t-9 2t-10 2t11 2T-11 2t-13 2t-14 2T-15 2U -4 2U-1 2U-2 2U-3 2U-4 2u-5 2U-6 2U-7 2U-8 2U-9 2u-10 2U-11 2U-12 2U-13 2U-14 2U-15 2U-16 2U-17 2U-18 2u-19 2u-20 2U-21 2u-22 2u-23 2U-24 2v-1 2V-2 2v-3 2v-4 2v-5 2v-6 2v-7 2v-8 2v-9 2v-10 2v-11 2v-12 2v-13 2v-14 2vi4 2w=4 2w=5 2W=6 2w=7 2W-1 2w-2 2W-3 2W-4 2x= 16 2x=1 2x=2 2x=3 2x=4 2x=5 2x=6 2x=7 2x=8 2x=9 2x=10 2x=11 2x=12 2x=13 2x=14 2x=15 2x=17 2x-7 2Y=1 2y=2 2Y=3 2y=4 2y-4 2y-5 2y-6 2y-7 2y-8 2y9 2y-10 2Y-11 2Y-12 2y-13 2y-14 2y15 2z-1 2z-2 2z-3 2-z3 2z-4 2Z-5 2Z-6 2z-7 2z-8 2Z-9 2z-10 2Z-11 2z-12 2z-13 2z-14 2z-15 2z-16 2z-17 2z-18 3a-1 3a-2 3a-3 3a-4 3a-5 3a-6 3a-7 3a-8 3a-9 3a-10 3a-11 3a-13 3a-14 3a-15 3a-16 3a-1012 20-5 20-6 20081115_3 20081115_4 20081115_4 lab 1 lab 2 lab 3 lab2 Port U Presentation Spectrum Snapshot_20141226 Snapshot_20141226_1 Snapshot_20141226_6 Snapshot_20141226_7 Snapshot_20141226_8 Snapshot_20141226_9 Snapshot_20141226_10 Snapshot_20141226_11 Snapshot_20141226_12 Snapshot_20141226_13 Snapshot_20141226_14 Snapshot_20141226_15 Snapshot_20141226_16 Snapshot_20141226_17 Snapshot_20141226_18 Snapshot_20141226_19 Snapshot_20141226_20 Snapshot_20141227 Snapshot_20141227_1 Snapshot_20141227_2 Snapshot_20141227_3 Snapshot_20141228_2 Snapshot_20141228_4 Snapshot_20141228_5 Snapshot_20141228_6 Snapshot_20141228_7 Snapshot_20141228_8 Snapshot_20141231 Snapshot_20141231_1 Snapshot_20141231_2 Snapshot_20141231_3 Snapshot_20141231_4 Snapshot_20141231_5 Snapshot_20141231_6 Snapshot_20141231_7 Snapshot_20141231_8 Snapshot_20141231_9 Snapshot_20141231_10 Snapshot_20141231_11 Snapshot_20141231_12 Snapshot_20141231_13 Snapshot_20141231_14 Snapshot_20141231_15 Snapshot_20141231_16 Snapshot_20141231_17 Snapshot_20141231_18 Snapshot_20141231_19 Snapshot_20141231_20 Snapshot_20141231_21 Snapshot_20150101_1 Snapshot_20150101_2 Snapshot_20150101_3 Snapshot_20150101_4 Snapshot_20150101_5 Snapshot_20150101_6 Snapshot_20150101_7 Snapshot_20150101_8 Snapshot_20150101_9 Snapshot_20150101_10 Snapshot_20150101_11 Snapshot_20150101_12 Snapshot_20150101_13 Snapshot_20150101_14 Snapshot_20150102 Snapshot_20150102_6 Snapshot_20150102_9 - Copy Snapshot_20150102_9 Snapshot_20150102_10 - Copy Snapshot_20150102_10 Snapshot_20150102_11 - Copy Snapshot_20150102_11 Snapshot_20150102_12 - Copy Snapshot_20150102_12 Snapshot_20150102_13 - Copy Snapshot_20150102_13 Snapshot_20150102_16 Snapshot_20150102_17

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Archive 72

0-2 0-3 2 scans 1 2a-1 2a-2 2a-3 2a-4 2a-5 2a-6 2a-7 2a-8 2a-9 2a-10 2a-11 2a-12 2a-13 2a-14 2a-15 2a-17 2a-18 2a-19 2a20 2a-20 2a-21 2a-51 2a-52 2b-1 2b-2 2b-3 2b-4 2b-5 2b-6 2b-7 2b-8 2b-9 2b-10 2b-11 2b-12 2b-13 2b-14 2b15 2b-15 2b-16 2b-17 2b-18 2b-19 2b-20 2b-21 2b-22 2b-23 2b-24 2b-25 2b-26 2b-27 2b-28 2b-29 2b-30 2b-31 2b-32 2b-33 2b34 2b-34 2b-35 2b-36 2b-37 2b-38 2b-39 2b-40 2b-41 2b-42 2b-43 2b-44 2b-45 2b-46 2b-47 2b-48 2b-49 2b-50 2b-51 2b-52 2b-53 2b-54 2b-55 2b-56 2b-57 2b-58 2b-59 2b-60 2b-61 2b-62 2b-63 2b-64 2scans 2scans 2 2scans 3 2scans 4 2scans 6 2scans 7 2scans 8 2scans5 2scans6 20081115_3 20081115_4 A-9 ancilla 1 Ancilla 2 Ancilla 3 Ancilla 4 Ancilla 5 Ancilla 6 Ancilla 7 Ancilla 8 Drawing and Visual Rhetoric Dwg 1 Dwg 3 Dwg 4 Dwg 7 h Dwg 7 Dwg 7b Dwg 7c Dwg 7d Dwg 7e Dwg 7f Dwg 7I Dwg 7J Dwg 7K Dwg 7l Dwg 7m Dwg 7N Dwg2 Dwg6 Dwg7f Dwgg Fire Ether and Blue Mantle 2 Fire Ether and Blue Mantle Fire Ether and Blue Mantle3 Fire Ether and Blue Mantle4 Fire Ether and Blue Mantle5 Fire Ether and Blue Mantle6 Fire Ether and Blue Mantle7 Fire Ether and Blue Mantle8 Fire Ether and Blue Mantle9 j-1 J-2 J-3 J-4 J-5 J-6 J7 J-8 J-9 Janus with Jaguar Mask Janus with Jaguar Mask k-1 K-2 K-3 K-4 K-5 K-6 K-7 L-1 l-2 L-3 L-4 L-5 L-6 L-7 L-8 L-9 L-10 L-11 L-12 L-13 L-14 L-15 L-16 L-17 L-18 L-19 L-20 Miasma Chiasmus Mieke Bal N-1 N-2 n-3 N-4 N-5 N-6 N-7 N-8 n-9 N-10 o-2 o-3 o-4 O-5 o-6 o-7 o-8 o-9 O-10 O-11 P 14 P=1a P-1 P-1b P-2 p-3 p-4 P-4a p-5 p-6 p-7 p-8 P-9 P-10 p-11 P-12 P-13 P-14 Q-1 Q-2 Q-3 q-4 q-5 q-6 q-7 q-8 R 9 R 12 R-1 r-2 r-3 r-4 r-5 r6 r7 R8 R9 R10 R11 R12 R13 R14 r15 r-16 R-17 R18 R19 R-19 R-20 R21 R-21 R22 R-23 RD-22 Requienm for a Structuralist Ri 20 s-1 s2 Screen dodge and burn the wakeful sea 1 Screen dodge and burn the wakeful sea 2 Screen dodge and burn the wakeful sea 3 Screen dodge and burn the wakeful sea 4 Screen dodge and burn the wakeful sea 5 Screen dodge and burn the wakeful sea 6 Screen dodge and burn the wakeful sea 7 Screen dodge and burn the wakeful sea 8 Screen dodge and burn the wakeful sea 9 Screen dodge and burn the wakeful sea 10 Screen dodge and burn the wakeful sea 11 Screen dodge and burn the wakeful sea 12 Snapshot_20141217_1 Snapshot_20141217_2 Snapshot_20141217_3 Snapshot_20141217_4 Snapshot_20141217_5 Snapshot_20141217_6 Snapshot_20141217_7 Snapshot_20141217_8 Snapshot_20141217_9 Snapshot_20141217_10 Snapshot_20141217_11 Snapshot_20141217_12 Snapshot_20141217_13 Snapshot_20141217_14 Snapshot_20141217_15 Snapshot_20141217_16 Snapshot_20141217_17 Snapshot_20141217_18 Snapshot_20141217_19 Snapshot_20141217_20 Snapshot_20141217_21 Snapshot_20141217_22 Snapshot_20141217_23 Snapshot_20141217_24 Snapshot_20141217_25 Snapshot_20141217_26 Snapshot_20141217_27 Snapshot_20141217_28 Snapshot_20141217_29 Snapshot_20141217_30 Snapshot_20141217_31 Snapshot_20141217_32 Snapshot_20141217_33 Snapshot_20141217_34 Snapshot_20141217_35 Snapshot_20141217_36 Snapshot_20141217_37 Snapshot_20141217_38 Snapshot_20141217_39 Snapshot_20141217_40 Snapshot_20141221 Snapshot_20141221_1 Snapshot_20141221_2 Snapshot_20141221_3 Snapshot_20141221_4 Snapshot_20141222 Snapshot_20141222_1 Snapshot_20141222_2 Snapshot_20141222_3 Snapshot_20141222_4 Snapshot_20141222_5 T-1 T-2 t-3 T-4 The Orphic Account U-1 U-2 U-3 U--4 U-5 u-6 U-7 U-8 U-9 u10 U11 U12 U13 U14 V 10 v-3 v4 V5 v9 v10 v11 v12 W 2 W-1 w3 w4 x1 x-2 x3 x-4 x-5 Y1 Y2 y3 y4 y5 y6 y-6 y7 y8 y9 y10 y11 y12 y13 z 7 z-1 z2 z3 z4 z5 z6 z7 z8 z9 z10 z11 z12 z13 z14 Z15 z16 z17

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