Internal and External Meta Levels of Virtual Drawing Time

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The left panel( or “hall” part if this was an architectural diagram )is a combination of single photos that are  interventions of drawings as  photographed out of hand in an environment of ruined foundations . The general  visualization  can then  build  according to  continued improvisations  of  the photo software in  cyber space . In relation to these are more convoluted involvement with the cyber drawing software in and of itself. The right panel gives a view into this which is completely in that mode. The element of intervention between photo and drawing is essentially” internally focused to use terms of narratology” (Genette  as referenced by Bal) while the expansion of drawing means belongs ot external focus of interest in drawing for the sake of drawings own philosophy, , beyond a specific subject.

The photos are placed in different period modes, for example the first is daguerotype, to give a feeling of excavating time, although a “time out of order” as it were as  one encounters all manner of periods on ones normal excursions through cultural contents and documentations.

daguerotype box camera


cross processinfra red


platinum printAlubumin


early color


The cyber drawing improvisation use the linking vocabulary of Asian carpentry cognates to a modelling and morphic sense in the new realm of digital

sensation and spectrum. The linking of new rhythms and process are simultaneous to a fabric of events, out of this matrix sensations build to new levels of projection and find meta levels, new classification of interest as they evolve to the work.