Unwrapping The City

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This drawing is comparable to brush drawings I have photographed out of my hand around ruined foundation structures in real space, but now the activity is entirely virtual drawing, and the seeming walls are photo embossed and computer shaped to have the feeling of those memory traces. The “walls’ are respectively misenpage sheets and continous compositions of my theme of Asian Carpentry joints as I form them pictorially- taken together the walls indicate a kind of “unwrapping” and transpose. The idea of photography and drawing together both inside and outside the virtual realm as a new take or perspective on  on site and nonsite are then conditioned to the psycholinguistic  philosophy out of which Lacan observed the importance of shifts in sensorial fields, and Deleuze began to consider these as mental phenomenon, while in general a link is now  culturally made between a neurological sense of multi assimilation as part of our multi tasking which has roots then in our diverse cortical integration process.

The cultural track and trace by which design seems to pertain to commisioned objects of any sort while that which is outside of this- art for arts sake, is now better represented by cyber art and the forums for sharing. Conceptual art had thought to identify social process, specifically law, to the making of art objects and displace with this the commissioned aspect to that social fielding of a social contract. In hindsight a contract is a contract.