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Interdisciplinary Drawing Semiotics in Cyber Scroll Space

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This drawing as a PDF is meant to be scrolled at 100 percent focus in which one enters the organic space of cyber scrolling which emancipates drawing from the discrete page. The work is labyrinthine in so far as it incorporates scrolls within scroll ie is configured from successive web page structures worked into a simultaneous zone. The organic model behind this touches on the tradition of a labyrinthine impulse within architecture, the critic Bal in  Quoting Caravaggio- a Preposterous History relates the term to a necessary connection to the body ie the term requires a sense of bodily identification. In Architecture the instigation of the program mode touches as well upon our idea of “information architecture’ , however my use of the scroll is meant to randomize, depart from the programatic impulse and leans more on the previous architectural connection to trope or extended metaphorical and trans metaphorical  connection .

Looking deeper into the bodily connection my interests relate to the neurological component ( our sense of balance predicated for example on the labyrinth of the inner ear) , and  I respond in this regard to the early volunteerism of Occupational Therapy out of which activities of daily living were encountered as highly constructive to well being and subsequently became neurologically analyzed sourced from a kinesiology  established on  primitive reflexes  as  childhood developmental. For me this relates to using the scrolling method to in a sense archive my works, and then present these in open forums on line. The scroll space has the physicality of a reflec arc cortically integrated. I emphasise a sculptural drawing style, which out of the Mannerist tradtion correspondingly implicates a meditation on autonomy- the matrix of the hand itself as contributing the human being to a topos. This organic presentation into the cyber agora as an activity of daily living  is a drawing semiotic that stems from media as extension of the body into a participatory space through which traditional programming is suspended to a diversity within the ongoing potential to link to many disciplines and portals. This then is a visualization through the neurological connection of cyber drawing as an organic entity linking body to mind which contributes this model to its modality as I think it.

The potentials of cyber drawing in general include the capacity to develope concept fragments towards complex theories ie what is the shape of the universe or structure of the atom- situations in short which touch upon the realm of the thought experiment, and provide the physical identity, through drawing means, to relate the organic relation of mind to body to a hightened complexity and spatial extension broadly informed thematically and disciplinarily. Essentially all the stations of my work are occurances of the questions- what is the shape of the universe and how does energy exist simultaneously to different levels while we make sense through our bodily metaphors?

On a philosophical level then, the idea of the reflex arc cortically integrated relates to the theories of aperception prevalent since Kant in which the means that enable experience are held to reflect strongly on the potential of what that experience is and comes to be. I emphasise that the s croll space of the computer is very much like a reflex arc while also carrying overtones of evolution from the original seal forms that integrate drawing ,engraving, bas relief and extension into space.

Therefore the semiotics of the cyber drawing enable a connection to theorizing because of its high degree of artifice, many components of visualization are embedded within the software that carry the ability to link through the cyber light spectrum the diversity of references to photography, engraving, new drawing methods, and the ability to create from this matrix new levels of suggestability that enable projecting physicality as one presents it towards thought experiments as they occur initiated by the stimulus of encountering many portals of contributing information.

My personal interests are in the relation of these efforts as linking language to drawing and these to philosophy out of which then to touch upon the realms of the hard sciences  by qualifying the realm of out technological world with the aspects of the though experiement which paradoxicaly and particularly through drawing choose the elementalism of our senses to propose meaning and this subsequently shows in the term we use which have high kinesiological content such as “bracketing”, “intercepting” levating or raising to view to create relevance as Bohm comments on in The Implicative Whole,”recombinance”.

My own presentation is predicated on taking the forms of Archaic Asian carpentry and abstractly scrolling these, as a kind of dragon but also related to early housing based on using pit structures to lean out the walls, and developing out of these a narrative of abstraction which as a serial effort turns back on itself, scrolling, while experiencing scroll space as similar to the emancipation of sculpture from the walls, a kind of drawing in space now in cyber space. In particlular the hands mark is a trace in the spectrum per the medium, yet out of the scrolling space a  forming process similar to throwing a pot on potters wheel emerges, the rhizome like threads of experience branching to portals and connections and software generalize this process while marking it with highly visual specifics that in turn carry traces of all the diverse discipline and out of which matrix are the options of emphasis, and also the need to state beyond mere recombinance to a morphic whole, a poiesis or formative nature to borrow a term from hematology.