unconscious humor and scale of the eye

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Topos ontos or place of things…. brings me to seal script and Juran… the Chinese painter detailed the tips of mountains  in contrast with near notes of focus, play with micro and macrocosm , inter realtionships  imbedded to our occular philosophy derived from Leibnitz  hard on the heels of the oracular Heraclitus… All of which is why Deleuze was fit to conclude perception is a hallucination because it has no object…. the opposite of that is old school “plasticity” (me).

I mention seal script because the rolling encapsulates a field of vision and marks a particular focus of the one scroll it self represents to the larger it authenticates in passing over…

My version of plasticity borrows the focal element of the morphic module I interpose as I work which then again upon the built up whole marks of its siglia the largest view represented small, or rather, the most emotional, ie modelling activity. What size is emotion? It makes the moment large but then again wells up from distant source….