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  Mieke Ba’ls Quoting Caravaggio- the subject of this long serial review due to the fact that it takes me so long to read this great scholars  complicated analysis because it keeps prompting my asides.  A real time review… or at least eval…dont mistake me for an essay writer- min e  are artists notes… she identifies to the the Baroque sensibility the symbols of the knot, the labyrinth and the fold. The simplest one can say of the Baroque is that it is complex… yet it is in the form of  a complex, more the fold than enfolding, a quietude that is a state of unease, like a visionary ecstacy. To this degree the idea of enfolding that she specifies to analysis via Deleuze as commentary through Leibnitz on levels of perception meaningful to her own ordering via “narrative studies” is certaintly also sourcing back to Heraclitus of the “fragments” That  philosopher/word artist  arrives to us  in a ‘ time out of order” those fragments which are quotes out of order a view into the aphoristic content that manaages aporia from within the language intents and artistic intents of language, out of which art redeems the social fragment. The meaning for Heraclitus is that you will discover the order in the events around you and therefore the incidental necessity to recompose his fragments is a kind of accidental illustration of his mode that he yet predicted. Leibnitz gives this over in a world view of mind to matter links to meaning according to levels of the soul finding meaning.

Within art and drawing particularly the idea of turning back, enfolding, extricating, explicating, are familiar to the cave artist for example whose marks were in a natural relation to their skill in tracking, back tracking, reading the ground. The sign is the flourish, ie  Michelangelo’s signature symbolizes this scan and so the artist brings to the visual sense the promptings of environment, and yet then again relates to sound.  By this I mean the absence- specifically the Monastery of San Marco where dedicated to vows of silence the paintings became a graphos, a logos to visualization. Or, on the other hand, as per Leonardo- the art is surrounded by music, and sound and become enfolded in a cultural bracketing to the architectures of knowledge. Out of which drawing famously prepares the way through design, even a musical manuscript is a drawing form.

The Baroque knot has a corolary in certain Asian paintings that indicate horses are linked to knots that symbolize their personality , and finally each person likewise must untie or cut the knot of personality. The Rococo turned to the shell to empty out the knot form or labyrinth, likewise  The  Asian mudra, hand fold, originally specifiying dance moves in rituals codes instead to meditation mode now…

For Modernism the Labyrinth links to the sphere, the sphere being a rhizome, a field of knowledge no longer linking beginning to end as in the cyclical view of Heraclityus but now the realm of non hierarchical knowledge, symbolized to contemporary drawing as the Web- the vast continuum of knowledge no longer a continuum but a matrix. Virtuality then is less the computer meta level than the users selected usage upon which meaning is invested.  As this gesture becomes anti proprietary it may seem entropic, or it may elect to a version of building. The Mideaval workers could place frescoes on open unfinished cathedral walls – before the building was finished . Our Graphitee artists reverse the process and place the marks on the building finished, from outside, similar to the  presentation by Asher in which he moved a Bronze statue of George Washington to the inside of the building, the rhetoric being that bronze scultpures traditionally are outside and marble inside… the graphitee content for me is actually to photography, I like to modify the photo to become a drawing, invert the content of inside and outside, who is looking at what and what is looking at who.. in essence the world of San Marco where the walls speak, and the spider that accompanied the caveman and was the subconscious content of spinning the Web,undomesticated as was the dog domesticated  is according to my reading of Bourgeois’s Cells  the  portent of the virtualization of matrixial thread of experience marked to the evaluation and reevaluation of experience, the physicality of which, is drawing, and since body language counts most, a primal element of the finally spoken or writ.