Difficult Break

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” Old things in a new way or new things in an old way per Erick Fischle”… seems you cant do new things in a new way tho cuz they just are… In these drawings I introduced a mark I dont usually use name a lateral one. This for me is a disturbing activity because it parallels the picture plane whereas I prefer the vertical hatch because it connects sculptural momentum and this channeling of sculptural sensation to marking chart into the pictorial realm “plasticity” ie underlying form that produces the image but is also at a remove. It is therefore for me like an image of surgery such as occur in paintings for shock value. The meaning of disturbing  a  normal art  process is that it creates a new abstract narrative level as one adjusts one ‘s  normal rationalization.

So there is difficult art… ie galleries for it..? I googled for hours and was surprised that the phrase “difficult art” has no proponents. This is disturbing. I think there should be a gallery or so that specializes in ” difficult art”. I suppose I could open the gallery but due to doing difficult art I am kind of broke….