Aloha Ala Outlines

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The drawing uses color outlines and black outlines also as a subtraction out of the color wheel as a “state” and then using software that gives an infra red photo view the modelling plays with the idea of a work of art infrared photographed from outset. The motivation was viewing paintings spoiled by restoration. A Painting I am making a series on at moment- Burial of St Lucy by Caravaggio is in a monochrome that similarly looks as though an infra-view, and presumably is thus protected from any restorers efforts ( such as our cultures ultimate anti- achievement of destroying through restoration the Michelangelo’s Sistine frescoes…

In considering the writing that rationalizes my series, always a n improvisation canonically presented to overwriting and drawing I notice that for articles I get started, create an outline of what I am doing then go on to the next section which also gets an outline. Then, hopefully, I can place in the notes some of the myriad of associations somewhat aside from the article as in the biblio notes. But this use of an outline is similar to an artist massing in form and then drawing a line, and continuing….

The outline and “word” of writing and the art visualization are different languages… but do share the outline. For the art experience I tend towards looking for the Western counterpart of Chinese calligraphy in painting….thy physicality of the mark. In cyber space the virtuality of the situation is reinforced by creating a series, repetition looks to make things real through its process. But just as one cannot really imitate another person without introducing ones own creative variant so also can one not repeat oneself without also creating a variation from out of the dynamics of sheer being.