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Drawing is in unusual focus- trying to figure it out strange dream too Braque cleaning out lavatories keeping hands impeccably  clean -Picasso back turned and hunched over  but ok he came along to learn design and Braque’s hands were articulate kind of like Willie Nelson …

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Stringing Theory

This drawing seems to be about a very charming presentation I found on the web  of string theory… I dunno- I have to tell you I once went a little crazy and spent about ten years doing golden section abstractions and came up with a theory I guess no one but me understands – not […]

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A-2Tech Aztec

The drawing works with an effect of a frontal plane of less elaboration interrupting a complex field. The contrast relates to as much ink as can be spilled on entropy or rather “entropy” because it takes a look at the other side of the coin. This would be the “cascade” or  evolutionary way in which […]

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Tilted Title Bracket

The Japanese housebuilding joinery which  I  improvise on in my own drawings was originally useful to vernacular building and also temples because the  forms are resilient to earthquake, like human joints they have “give”.  Similarly in  this  drawing the tilted frame little effects the structures.

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Nested Dragons

Chen HungChou is the Ming Chinese artist I identify with: his art in a dynasty long overun by the Mongols and without recourse to Religious patronage   steered clear of the literati and instead, in his admiration for Ku Kai Chi understood the elegance of that master but somehow translated it in a distorted, almost grotesque […]

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