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Floating the Draft

Views around Gericault’s Raft of the Medusa as structuralist document of interest in structure structured by interest namely a present account: suggest as well the relation of David Caspar Freidrich, Corot, Watteau… the last named artist created for the Rococo the draftsman’s chronology on a page, misenpage, emptied of incident or panorama with the white […]

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Art of Memories Past Redeeming

Many medieval texts were dedicated to The Art of Memory and even Abelard made that idea part of his profession…one immediately sees the terms  and as a matter of fact the methods of those texts towards practical development of memory to meet demands of that society which having legalistic tendencies for which the individuals scholarship […]

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Sand Boxe’s Art of Memory

Cezanne’s mental note that nature thought itself through him was simpatico to the theme of  16 c philosopher Jakob Baume who argued Godhead could not know self: as such  preceeding that activity of the record, and humanity and the creation were in a space outside of God that provided a reflection from out of conflict […]

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The drawing has a manifesto like quality- we all probably have one good manifesto left in us… Rather than give a series of negative definitions towards a Modern Academy which would be an excellent idea I will try to be specific. The idea draws on the ideas of Rhizome as a map or modular like […]

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Heroes and Clues

I was surprised to read through a Robert Smithson article  ” What Really Spoils the Sculpure of Michelangelo in which he uncharacteristically turned to a demigod of the past with considerable acceptance stating essentially that the scuptor had a genuine sense of abstraction preferable to much abstract art that is actually realistic/illusionist in essence but […]

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