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E-Square Estuary

Let me tell you about this one: The first panel on left was originally a simple square I divided with one line to create a rectangle. The rectangle was adusted to the page by creating border zones and into these a grid inserted by distorting its own shape to fit and in the field a […]

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 RBY otherwise Post Historical Artifact 201 is just a level tone away from Watteau but as DK put it sometimes artists ideas are not that complicated- in this case black as the tonal range and red and yellow as the chromatic utilize the tonal  norm for increase  in tone stated in the chromatic range as […]

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Two Displacements

  The first panel as mentioned in previous blog builds an architecture from verbal identifications of area. The Right hand panel creates a numerically concieved block in the fore ground and then draws back from it as the ‘setback”

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Green Bubble Plan 2

 I usually completely improvise but in this case I experiment with transferring a sketch- not with a grid ( the one you see is something else- a golden section modular like invention I actually improvise against) but instead with a bubble diagram ie just naming elements as architects do in space planning….

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Profligate Profile Pureland Abstraction

 Drawing as a physical extension of the eye into the mind made a parody by photographing drawings in near environments troped to a rhapsody at the happenstance has found in particular at the red drawing a kind architects bubble diagram not in word per normal usage but rather in the specfics of the modified Asian […]

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