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Tang Yin Maui Channel

The image on the right is a variation on Asian carpentry forms while the forms on the left likewise are a cascading… image first mentioned is in a mode that expresses to me the general quality of the mudra form of extreme concentration in meditating called “inner bonds” or TIng Yin. The name appeals to […]

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Jizo Abstraction

Jizo is with Guanyin a Bodisattvah representative of Amida, a Buddha who has considerable contemporary following and siginificance of lord of western paradise is that simply by recognizing a paradise frame of mind one is transported out one’s lesser self to a better here and now. Guanyin as Boddisatvah of mercy communicates by ease of […]

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Guanyin Cascade

This cascade of improvisations on Asian timber framing joint spaces is directed at expressing the flow within the  body frame of the Buddhist Bodhisattva of Mercy Guanyin. This deity is often paired with Jizu as representatives of Amida  the Buddha of the Western Paradise: these paradises being set up in the variety expressing a sense […]

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States of Re-evolution

The Mountain Ghost Said sadly to the Ocean Ghosts  my heart is heavy when  I belong to another time. Speaking as one the Ocean Ghost said my road is clean, yours the center of all these winds. But I like that you never hate it when I cover you with time through enigma and sunrise. […]

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Primarily Drawing @ Cubist’s “Other”

Speaking of the Flowering Moods of Abstraction I increasingly notice that primary colors at borders in relation to internal drawing emphasis- ie drawing as primary has the result of bending the space of the geometric borders. The forms I use are a cascading of carpentry grooves fashioned as both wheel like horizons and sunken tracts […]

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