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Light Box Column

I use rythm in drawing within the digital realm to substitute for the traditional materials of drawing and how this translation conveys the sculptural block to the screen. In the realm of technological art the digital drawing/print is at the very bottom of technology, emerging practices are more in   the realms of animation, video and […]

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Starestial Cured Wall

The image with detail relates to my infatuation with a site called calsky that locates by satelite view any address for the purpose of sky gazing information. So here I have use a riff on site nonsite  accordingly in which the computer can “globalize” my near environment as I pose it  or create it in […]

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Starfish Lightbox and Lense

This Picture (with detail) look into my generative mode of art ie a system that searches out demanding variations that alter perception. The starfish motif I created by warping the image has to do with the idea of things changing their shape in order to move, and in the digital context I alter the photograpic […]

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Asteroid Belt And Mirror In Glass House

This idea came from a site that identifies heavanly bodies for observation from you location  which is identified by satelite view  ( and which allows you to pan by satelite the(  terrestial  )address you type in Since my drawings allready look like an asteroid topology I have placed the idea into a previous meditation […]

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My Meridian

This drawing was constructed around the experience of photographing my drawings which look something liked satalite views against oncoming traffic from the road meridian near my apartment and I was contrasting my drawings placing outside of studio in relation to the automobile which is more and  more a kind of studio environment. The speed of […]

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