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Violet Grey Project Model

The Art Narrative of this piece has frames drawn for other works  inserted as columns in conjunction with  a section of a work trimmed out and then pulled digitally like a brush stroke or stripes while my abstract  sculptural drawings from Asian joinery forms are located as though on different levels concealed by bottom edge.

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Drawing Book

The Art Narrative in this work is the comuter topography introduced into my drawing grid which is a golden section creation to mark out within a square all the potential subdivision on golden section scale to infinite operation in a scrolling “marking twain” mode, integrated as my own personal invention of a “machinae” to the […]

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Lever Mountain

This Art Narrative has some reference to  Ukioye prints collected by Frank Loyd Wright that featured shadows on a screen from hand positions as a metaphor for the floating world. This work seems like an open box or suitcase. What is lift or enclosed or screened show the different ways art comes accross including the […]

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Sluice Sleeve Cirxle Box

Art Narrative: The work continues  the “art damaged” theme by which drawing as a demonstration creates reaction in the sense of imbedding to the computer process the very tropes of body which really arrive at mechanical creation on the basis of the bodies  subjection to physics motivating its  conceptions. The meaning of the drawing hatch […]

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Inside Out Stripes

Inside Out Stripes is  motivated by the idea that stripes in a mirror as a reverse imply their other side, the way they would appear if outside. In  this work they have an external relation to an architectural field while being created on their own in a mirror like way in that they are core […]

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