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Dia World Diamonde

The Platonic idea meets and alternative in the yellow book because the Book of Changes meets the experience a little differently… as I see it the book’s experience selects sensation meaning that experience is a moment in an irregular pattern that shows what is coming, that is , it’s phenomenon. The dialogue in my work […]

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Bridge House

Bridge House is my artist’s book on the theme of creating an imaginary view of an extended cieiing decoration. As my work bridges art and life by photographing my sculptural feeling drawings in my near environments to create an art form in the aluminum printed photo reflecting on the mediums link to the idea of […]

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Wall Papers

Wall Papers: cover and page from book In this artist’s book the combined functions of a serial imagery, use of computer patterning, and creating imagery both by the drawing and erasing in the digital realm ( which has very unique applications of computer space) creates a theme from the vocabulary of Asian joinery forms of […]

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The Rail's Case

The Rail’s Case                                            and           page from The Rail’s Case The Rail’s case is an artist’s book tangentally on the theme of in Chinese art of “The Broken Balustrade ” in which is storied visually the account of an advisor who contradicted the emperor on the matter of a death penalty and thereby risking closely […]

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text work I

This is an artist’s statement in my personal complex form that may neverltheless find its way to being aluminum mounted finished photo piece.

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