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art 24/7: Proposal 4 -for the Noguchi Museum

One Drawing /photo interpolation modified with computer work and mounted as photo on aluminum to be placed in the section of the collection that relates a documentation of collaboration between Noguchi and Martha Graham. The need exists to clarify that a potential exists of the drawing tradition that Bourgois and Hesse  for example bring to […]

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art 24/7 – proposal 3 : Project for Met

Single drawing photo interpolation = photo imbedded drawing , photo and computer work mounted on aluminum. Location of work is to be in the  Mets Modern collection main gallery because I wish to utilize the shadows cast by the skylights. My work references specifically the Mets Japanese room which has a window looking out on […]

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art 24/7 :Proposal for Philadelphia Museum of Art

This intervention of my own photo drawing interpolation as an intervention or rather two of them is sited in the museums placement of the Duchamp collection in a room seperated by a garden space arriving at the Rodin building the room belonging to Duchamp’s sense of exile and the building to Rodins sense of establishment. […]

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art 24:7- 24 projects-proposal 1

project 1  for The Drawing Room in East Hampton NY. The space combines contemporary and traditional art in variety of media to a drawing topos and ontology. My proposal will be to relate a single drawing photo interpolation of mine that has text to an object in their collection: specifically an architectural drawing for a […]

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On The Other The Hand Exists To Embody

The Chinese poet Cold Mountain counseled (from his homeless state) “go to your Buddha body right now as fast as you can” and since the Buddha famously touched the earth with his hand at his moment of decision to forsake pure introspection the injunction wrapped in paradox like steel in cotton resonates perhaps to Heideggers […]

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