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Drawing Syntax

Does drawing have syntax? In the sense of relating sectional integrity it does, and in relating to the human deportment of crossing mid-center ie left handed hatching and right handed I can say these simple elements state towards the modeling archive of drawing. Also The linear mode has many syntaxes of line type partly innate […]

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Art Lives of Artalove In the Nature of Nature

Chapters for this drawing: chapter 1- More Rocks for Monks to Climb On 2-Bridges and Lattice 3-Post Naive Art 4- Neo Naive Art 5-Marbles in Transit 6-Visual Trace 7-Mannerist Asylum 8- Portrait of a Portrait 9-Reflexivity and then some 10-Aporia Aphorisms and Trope/Entropy 11- Spinnng Object 12- Mitochondrian/Golgi Apparatus &Co 13-Ruins on Ruins and Excavations […]

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