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Providing the contexts for experience towards re-proposing nature as a conceptual necessity within art as invention and invention as art.


This  link is  to 2  articles currently published as of this month  at the Drawing Research Network  : 1- Jaguar Mask and 2- Nine Notes On Drawing this following link is to an article currently being considered for publication by the Tracey Organization This one is a series of “labyrinths” , complex fields […]

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Labyrinth Nambatso Nimbus

Labyrinth Nambutso Nimbus click on PDF link to scroll Labyrinth Nimbatsu Nimbus This compositional labyrinth places the viewer in the PDF scale in a state of generative immersion with an interactive element and this in turn reflects on the tenets of rhetoric  as object : ethos, pathos and dialectic of which dialectic as  an object […]

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Morphologies of Verbal Visual Space Collective Poetic

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37 labyrinths and refractions

Abbraciare Mortise Alogon 3b – Copy Archive Map 1 Archive Master – Copy Corrected Labyrinth EeO 12 – Copy – Copy Gamet of Skrr 5 Intern- extern Virtual Dwg Time (3) Internation on line Residency Struct (2) Internation on line Residency Struct international spec 2 jpg Kairos 3 Kairos 4 Labyrinth Metamorphosis lanyard 2 lanyard […]

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Art Ontology and Visual Rhetoric: Terratological Mapping and Simulcrae of Deterritorialization

VanGorder’s VanGorders 14: Art Ontology & Visual Rhetoric: Terratological Mapping and Simulcrae of Deterritorialization. The text here is a parallel to notes on a folded piece of paper which points  to  that altered temporality which is like different pieces of paper which when scrolled then shuffle, like wise a palimpsest, a tableau, a labyrinth or […]

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