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Providing the contexts for experience towards re-proposing nature as a conceptual necessity within art as invention and invention as art.

Labyrinth Nambatso Nimbus

Labyrinth Nambutso Nimbus click on PDF link to scroll Labyrinth Nimbatsu Nimbus This compositional labyrinth places the viewer in the PDF scale in a state of generative immersion with an interactive element and this in turn reflects on the tenets of rhetoric  as object : ethos, pathos and dialectic of which dialectic as  an object [...]

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Morphologies of Verbal Visual Space Collective Poetic

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37 labyrinths and refractions

Abbraciare Mortise Alogon 3b – Copy Archive Map 1 Archive Master – Copy Corrected Labyrinth EeO 12 – Copy – Copy Gamet of Skrr 5 Intern- extern Virtual Dwg Time (3) Internation on line Residency Struct (2) Internation on line Residency Struct international spec 2 jpg Kairos 3 Kairos 4 Labyrinth Metamorphosis lanyard 2 lanyard [...]

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Art Ontology and Visual Rhetoric: Terratological Mapping and Simulcrae of Deterritorialization

VanGorder’s VanGorders 14: Art Ontology & Visual Rhetoric: Terratological Mapping and Simulcrae of Deterritorialization. The text here is a parallel to notes on a folded piece of paper which points  to  that altered temporality which is like different pieces of paper which when scrolled then shuffle, like wise a palimpsest, a tableau, a labyrinth or [...]

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