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Providing the contexts for experience towards re-proposing nature as a conceptual necessity within art as invention and invention as art.

Labyrinth and AEther

  45x-1 =pdf for scrolling Inverse of Kosouth : standing rhetoric (Kairos-harmon-> kouros, configuration) as opposed to hyper context: site and language articles and artifacts engaged to double reading of and-&. Per any “art and language” engaged to artistic proof and license. Phenomenal phonemes-Morphing phonemes in drawing status of mark to mass and associations of […]

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Shadow Journal

Journal Volumes 1-4 combinde files 5-8 Journal 9 Journal 10 Journal 11 Journal 12 journal 13 archive addendum 1 Journal 6 Journal 7 My shadow journal exist as the notes behind other journalistically driven works of a canonical series in which architectural joinery forms build into the cyber loop as a drawing ensemble and in […]

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Archive List

VanGorder Archive Link:Videos –Books-Journals-Articles Videos my utube channel = Ghosts Aghast Deus Ex Machina =Ghost Aghast Deus Ex Machina = Ghosts Aghast Deus Ex Machina = motions sensor drawing =Krater crater Books =ethos pathos dielaectic- = Labyrinth rubbings = Ghosts Aghast Deus Ex […]

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Archive 100


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archive 99

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