Labyrinth and AEther



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Inverse of Kosouth : standing rhetoric (Kairos-harmon-> kouros, configuration) as opposed to hyper context: site and language articles and artifacts engaged to double reading of and-&. Per any “art and language” engaged to artistic proof and license.

Phenomenal phonemes-Morphing phonemes in drawing status of mark to mass and associations of configurative faculty projecting levels of approach as spin salient and agenda
Compression gradients – strata: Morphic base block
Einei(any)->to be;being oussia : sic osmotic re ocean, Louisian, Fosse (foss-sil) Russia, Rose
Kairos : harmony of rhetoric ethos –pathos-logos/ -> morphological arrows: issues of identity usage and being/: nominal logical expressive/: interactive-immersive-generative : standing rhetoric : effectuating affect vs effecting affect
_______________________________- ___________________________
Throwness- psychology and colloids of the psyche_modads:noema (hyper subptle) phenomena – nomenon: Gnomon: that by which things are known- sundial: aetherial realm: dry beam of light, wetness of atmosphere: axes of Tethys or Hades to Earth. Aquifier space of the subterranean emergent, Spheres of influence; Aether from moment of Aurora:XHX aspirant signifying in speech roar of crowd or dawn as the osmotic symbiosis of sight to sound in the directedness of vectors emerging from their compression, bow and lyre bolero.
————————————————— ————————————————
Aesthetics, thetic = stress or thematic( vector- virtu) Moira fate- aisae frets of chord threads and strings of fate toward luck chance and fortune in which the poetics of nominal construct encounter subjectivity as denominations: deterritorialization, dediffentiation, philsosphic bracket…semiotic blending within the bodi of the semiotic somatic. Aesthomenai: sensitivity- aetherial realm: straitening…
————————————————– ————————————————–
Psychology: throwness, dassein there being per thisness and thereness, thisness goetia or circumstance- tableau, and thereness environment, consciousness and concept: theoria…. Transitive state of being that of slippage and metonym to transference, pattern, separation of Hypsos or emergence from fascination or excessive tone of mood in order to rhea-lyze mode…subconscious, the drive as sublection or ego integrgration of subject via relating object to its production in time of consciousness.
_________________________________ ___________________________________
Simulacrae and chance: word meaning statue originally and maps to artistic proof via the idea of graven image per coin, the flip by which that which shows is also that which does not, simulacrae not therefore an idea of simultaneous but of being.
————————————————- ————————————————————-
Interpolation and interpellation towards polyphonic voice and morphogenic character of morphology and the metamorphic, topology, topography –ethos and topos , credibility and line of approach
_______________________________ _____________________________________
Prosodic and mimetic and transubstantion there of per rhetorical devices- sequence, and person shaped by identity, ghost in the machine: exlusion argument- every statement requires a verb and in this verb the statement is reshaped… rhetorical device: scesis onatum: omit the verb, as in Chinese…
Tttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt ttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt
Turn of fate: trope = artistic licence, the “vanities”, verbal visual “conceits” departure from the nominal towards underlying associative vectors which can be accessed as being the formative matrix of the artistic subconscious…. Verse- also means turn, but indicating a reaching towards the subject rather than away, contrast in Greek and Roman Consciusness, fate as dawinng, or seized…
———————————————————- ————————————————————-
And &, conjunction: combine or separate, anabolic or catabolic, mood or mode.

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Shadow Journal

Journal Volumes 1-4 combinde files 5-8 Journal 9 Journal 10 Journal 11 Journal 12 journal 13 archive addendum 1 Journal 6 Journal 7

My shadow journal exist as the notes behind other journalistically driven works of a canonical series in which architectural joinery forms build into the cyber loop as a drawing ensemble and in which the composition.form symbolize the drawing itself… all are supported by these notes which involve relating the software argument to philosophic bracket and an osmotic sense of the morphogenic extensions over topographies and topologies of trope over entropy in creating the semiotic blending and philosophic niche of transdisciplinary ethos in the pathos of drawing discourse linking time and space as throwness, thisness, thereness, slippage, metonymy, transgression and contingency.

37a-1 37a-2 37a-3 37a-4 37a-5 37a-6 37a-7 37a-8 37a-9 37a-10 37a-11 37a-12 37a-13 37a-14 37a-15 37a-16 37a-17 37a-18 37a-19 37a20 37a21 37a-22 37a-23 37a-24 37a-25 37a-26 37a-27 37a-28 37a-29 37a30 37a30a 37a-31 37a32 37a32a 37a33 37a-34 37a-34a 37a-35 37a-38 37a-39 37a-40 37b-1 37b-2 37b-3 37b-4 37b-5 37b-6 37b-7 37b-8 37b-9 37b-10 37c-1 37c-2 37c-3 37c-4 37c-5 37c-6 37d-1 37d-2 37d-3 37d-4 37d-5 37d-6 37d-7 37d-8 37d-9 37d-10 37d-11 37e-1 37e-2 37e-3 37e-4 37f-1 37f-2 37f-3 37f-4 37f-5 37f-6 37f-7 37f-8 37f-9 37f-10 37f-11 37f-12 37g-1 37g-2 37g-4 37hi1 37I-1 37I-2 37I-3 37I-4 37I-5 37I-6 37J-1 37k-1 37k-2 37k-3 37k-4 37L-2 37L-3 37L-4 37l-5 37M-1 37M-2 out 37m-3 37m-4 37m-5 37m-6 37m-7 37m-8 37m-9 37m-10 37m-11 37m-12 37m-13 37m-14 37n-1 37n-2 37n-3 37n-4 37n-5 37n-6 37n-7 37n-8 37n-9 37o-1 37p-1 37p-2 37p-3 37p-4 37p-5 37p-6 37q-1 37q-2 37q-3 37q-4 37q-5 37q-6 37q-7 37q-8 37q-9 37q-10 37r-1 37R-2 37r-3 37r-4 37r-5 37r-6 37s-1 37s-2 37s-3 37s-4 37s-5 37s-6 37s-7 37s-8 37s-9 37s-10 37s-11 37s12 37s-13 37s-14 37t-1 37t-2 37t-3 37t-4 37t-5 37t-6 37t-7 37t-8 37u-1 37u-2 37u-3 37u-4 37u-5 37w-1 37w-2 37w-3 37w-4 37w-5 37w-6 37w-7 37x-1 37x-2 37x-3 37x-4 37x-5 37x-6 37x-7 37x-8 37x-9 37x-10 37x-11 37y-1 37y-2 37y-3 37y-4 37y-5 37y-6 37y-7 37z-1 37z-2 37z-3 37z-4 37z-5 37z-6 38a-1 38a-2 38a-3 38a-4 38a-5 38a-6 38a-7 38a-8 38a-9 38a-10 38a-12 38a-13 38a-14 38a-15 38a-16 38a-17 38a-18 38a-19 38a-20 38a-21 38b=6 38b-1 38b-2 38b-3 38b-4 38b-5 38b-6 38b-7 38b-8 38b-9 38c-1 38c-2 38d-1 38d-3 38e-1 38f-1 38f-2 38f-3 38f-4 38g-1 38g-2 38g-3 38g-4 38g-5 38g-6 38g-7 38h-1 38h-2 38h-3 38h-4 38h-5 38h-6 38h-7 38h-8 38i-1 38I-2 38i-3 38i-4 38i-5 38i-6 38i-7 38j-1 38j-2 38j-3 38j-4 38j-5 38jk-1 38k-2 38k-3 38k-4 38k-5 38k-6 38k-7 38k-8 38k-9 38k-10 38k-11 38k-12 38k-13 38l-1 38L--2 38L-3 38L-4 38L-5 38L-6 38L-7 38L-8 38L-9 38L-10 38L-11 38L-12 38l-13 38l-14 38L-15 38m-1 38m-2 38m-3 38m-4 38m-5 38m-6 38m-7 38m-8 38m-9 38m-10 38m-11 38m-12 38n-1 38n-2 38n-3 38n-4 38n-5 38n-6 38n-7 38n-8 38o-1 38o-2 38o-3 38o-4 38o-5 38o-6 38o-7 38o-8 38o-9 38o-10 38o-11 38o-12 38o-13 38p-1 38p-2 38p-3 38p-4 38p-5 38p-6 38p-7 38p-8 38p-9 38p-10 38p-11 38p-12 38p-13 38p-14 38q-1 38q-2 38q-3 38R-1 38r-2 38s-1 38s-2 38s-3 38s-4 38s-5 38s-6 38s-7 38s-8 38s-9 38s-10 38s-11 38t-1 38t-2 38t-3 38t-4 38t-5 38t-6 38t-7

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Course Website of John Phillips
Lacan and architecture
:Harvard Bibliographic system…
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35k-6 35k-7 35l-1 35L-2 35l-3 35l-4 35l-5 35l-6 35l-7 35l-8 35l-9 35L-10 35L-11 35L-12 35l-15 35l-16 35l-17 35L-18 35L-19 35l-20 35L-21 35L-22 35l-23 35l-24 35L-25 35L-26 35L27 35L-28 35L-29 35L-30 35m-1 35m-2 35m-3 35m-4 35m-5 35m-6 35m-7 35m-8 35m-9 35m-10 35m-11 35m-12 35m-13 35m-14 35m-15 35n-1 35N-2 35n-3 35n-6 35n-7 35n-8 35n-9 35n-10 35N-11 35o-1 35o-2 35O-3 35o-4 35o-5 35O-6 35p-1 35p-2 35p-3 35p-4 35p-5 35p-6 35p-7 35p-8 35p-9 35p-10 35p-11 35p-12 35Q-1 35q-2 35q-3 35q-4 35q-5 35q-6 35q-7 35R-8 35s-1 35s-2 35s-3 35s-4 35s-5 35S-6 35s-7 35s-8 35s-9 35s-10 35t-1 35t-2 35t-3 35t-4 35t-5 35t-6 35t-7 35t-8 35t-9 35t-10 35t-11 35t-12 35u1 35u-2 35u-3 35u-4 35v=1 35v-2 35v-3 35v-4 35v-5 35v-6 35v-7 35w=3 35w-1 35w-2 35w-4 35w-5 35w-6 35w-7 35w-8 35w-9 35w-10 35w-11 35w-12 35w-13 35w-14 35w-15 35w-16 35w-17 35w-18 35w-19 35w-20 35w-21 35x-1 35x-2 35x-3 35x-4 35x-5 35x-6 35x-7 35x-8 35x-9 35x-10 35x-11 35x-12 35x-13 35x-14 35x-15 35x-16 35x-17 35x-18 35x-19 35x-20 35x22 35y-1 35y-2 35y-3 35y-4 35y-5 35y-6 35y-7 35y-8 35y-9 35y-10 35z-1 35z-2 35z-3 35z-4 35z-5 35z-6 35z-7 36a-1 36a-2 36a-3 36a-4 36a-5 36a-6 36a-7 36a-8 36a-9 36b-1 36c-1 36c-2 36c-3 36c-4 36c-5 36c-6 36c-7 36c-8 36d-1 36d-2 36d-3 36d-4 36d-5 36e-1 36e-2 36e-3 36e-4 36e-5 36e-6 36e-7 36e-8 36f-1 36f-2 36f-3 36f-4 36f-5 36f-6 36f-7 36f-8 36f-9 36f-10 36f-11 36f-12 36f-13 36g-1 36g-2 36g-3 36g-4 36g-5 36g-6 36g-7 36g-8 36g-9 36h-1 36h-2 36h-3 36h-4 36h-5 36h-6 36h-7 36h-8 36h-9 36h-10 36h-11 36h-12 36i-1 36i-2 36j-1 36j-2 36j-3 36k-1 36k-2 36k-3 36k-4 36k-5 36K-6 36K-7 36k-8 36K-9 36K-10 36K-11 36L=6 36l-1 36L-2 36l-3 36L-4 36l-5 36L-7 36L-8 36L9 36L-10 36L-11 36L-12 36L-13 36l-14 36M-1 36M-2 36m-3 36m-4 36m-5 36m-6 36m-7 36M-8 36n-1 36n-2 36n-3 36n-4 36n-5 36n-6 36n-7 36n-8 36n-9 36n-10 36n-11 36n-12 36n-13 36n-14 36n-15 36n-16 36n-17 36n-18 36n-19 36n-20 36n21 36n22 36n23 36o-1 36o-2 36o-3 36o-4 36o-5 36o-6 36o-7 36o-9 36o-10 36o-11 36o-12 36o-13 36o-14 36o-15 36o-16 36o-17 36o-18 36o-19 36o-20 36o--p8 36p-1 36p-2 36p-3 36Q-1 36q-2 36q-3 36q-4 36q-5 36q-6 36r-1 36r-2 36r-3 36r-4 36r-5 36r-6 36s-1 36s-2 36s-4 36s-5 36s-6 36s-7 36s-8 36s-9 36s-10 36s-11 36s-12 36t-1 36t-2 36t-3 36t4 36t-5 36t-8 36t-9 36t-10 36t-11 36u-1 36u-2 36u-3 36u-4 36u-5 36v-1 36v-2 36v-3 36v-4 36v-5 36v-6 36v-7 36v-8 36v-9 36v-10 36v-11 36w-1 36w-2 36w-3 36w-4 36w-5 36w-6 36w-7 36w-8 36w-9 36w-10 36x-1 36x-2 36x-3 36x-4 36x-5 36x-6 36x-6 36x-7 36x-8 36x-9 36x-10 36y-1 36y-2 36y-3 36y-10 36z-1 37c-3 37t-1 Capture.GIF33n-5 Snapshot_20150917_50 Snapshot_20150917_51 Snapshot_20150917_52 Snapshot_20150917_53 Snapshot_20151008 Snapshot_20151008_1 Snapshot_20151008_2 Snapshot_20151008_3 Snapshot_20151008_4 Snapshot_20151008_5 Snapshot_20151008_6 Snapshot_20151008_7 Snapshot_20151008_8 Snapshot_20151008_9 Snapshot_20151008_10 Snapshot_20151008_11 Snapshot_20151008_12 Snapshot_20151008_13 Snapshot_20151008_14 Snapshot_20151008_15 Snapshot_20151017 Snapshot_20151017_1 Snapshot_20151017_2 Snapshot_20151017_3 Snapshot_20151017_4 Snapshot_20151017_5 Snapshot_20151017_6 Snapshot_20151017_7 Snapshot_20151017_8 Snapshot_20151017_9 Snapshot_20151017_10 Snapshot_20151017_11 Snapshot_20151017_12 Snapshot_20151017_13 Snapshot_20151017_14 Snapshot_20151017_15 Snapshot_20151017_16 Snapshot_20151017_17 Snapshot_20151017_18 Snapshot_20151017_19 Snapshot_20151017_20 Snapshot_20151017_21 Snapshot_20151017_22 Snapshot_20151017_23 Snapshot_20151017_24 Snapshot_20151017_25 Snapshot_20151017_26 Snapshot_20151017_27 Snapshot_20151017_28 Snapshot_20151017_29 Snapshot_20151017_30 Snapshot_20151017_31 Snapshot_20151017_32 Snapshot_20151017_33 Snapshot_20151017_34 Snapshot_20151017_35 Snapshot_20151017_36 Snapshot_20151017_37 Snapshot_20151017_38 Snapshot_20151017_39 Snapshot_20151017_40 Snapshot_20151017_41 Snapshot_20151017_42 Snapshot_20151017_43 Snapshot_20151017_44 Snapshot_20151017_45 Snapshot_20151017_46 Snapshot_20151017_47 Snapshot_20151017_48 Snapshot_20151017_49 Snapshot_20151017_50 Snapshot_20151030 Snapshot_20151030_1 Snapshot_20151030_2 Snapshot_20151030_3 Snapshot_20151030_4 Snapshot_20151030_5 Snapshot_20151030_6 Snapshot_20151030_7 Snapshot_20151030_8 Snapshot_20151031_1 Snapshot_20151031_2 Snapshot_20151031_3 Snapshot_20151101 Snapshot_20151101_1 Snapshot_20151101_2 Snapshot_20151101_3 Snapshot_20151101_4 Snapshot_20151101_5 Snapshot_20151101_6 Snapshot_20151101_7 Snapshot_20151101_8 Snapshot_20151101_9 Snapshot_20151101_10 Snapshot_20151101_11 Snapshot_20151101_12 Snapshot_20151101_13 Snapshot_20151101_14 Snapshot_20151111 Snapshot_20151111_1 Snapshot_20151111_2 Snapshot_20151111_4 Snapshot_20151111_5 Snapshot_20151111_6 Snapshot_20151111_7 Snapshot_20151111_8 Snapshot_20151111_9 Snapshot_20151111_10 Snapshot_20151111_11 Snapshot_20151111_12 Snapshot_20151111_13 Snapshot_20151113 Snapshot_20151113_1 Snapshot_20151113_2 Snapshot_20151113_3 Snapshot_20151113_4 Snapshot_20151113_5 Snapshot_20151113_6 Snapshot_20151113_7 Snapshot_20151113_8 Snapshot_20151113_9 Snapshot_20151113_10 Snapshot_20151113_11 Snapshot_20151113_12 Snapshot_20151113_13 Snapshot_20151113_14 Snapshot_20151113_15 Snapshot_20151113_16 Snapshot_20151113_17 Snapshot_20151114 Snapshot_20151114_2 Snapshot_20151114_3 Snapshot_20151114_4 Snapshot_20151114_5 Snapshot_20151114_6 Snapshot_20151114_7 Snapshot_20151114_8 Snapshot_20151114_9 Snapshot_20151114_10 Snapshot_20151114_11 Snapshot_20151114_12 Snapshot_20151114_13 Snapshot_20151114_14 Snapshot_20151114_15 Snapshot_20151114_16 Snapshot_20151114_17 Snapshot_20151114_18 Snapshot_20151114_19 Snapshot_20151114_20 Snapshot_20151114_21 Snapshot_20151114_22 Snapshot_20151114_23 Snapshot_20151114_25 Snapshot_20151114_26 Snapshot_20151114_27 Snapshot_20151114_28 Snapshot_20151114_29 Snapshot_20151114_31 Snapshot_20151114_32 Snapshot_20151114_33 Snapshot_20151114_34 Snapshot_20151114_35 Snapshot_20151114_36 Snapshot_20151114_37 Snapshot_20151114_38 Snapshot_20151114_39 Snapshot_20151114_40 Snapshot_20151114_41 Snapshot_20151114_42 Snapshot_20151114_43 Snapshot_20151114_44 Snapshot_20151114_45

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archive 99

13p-7 26a-10 27t-10 28a-2 28a-3 28a-4 28a-5 28a-6 28a-7 28a-8 28a-9 28a-10 28a-11 28a-12 28a-13 28a-14 28a-15 28a-16 28a-17 28m-5 29b-9 29d-1 29m-6 29n-1 29t-4 30g-5 30v-1 30v-4 30v-13 31-7 33f-13 33L-5 33n-1 33n-2 33n-3 33n-4 33n-5 33n-6 33n-7 33n-8 33n-9 33n-10 33n-11 33n-12 33n-13 33n-14 33n-15 33o-1 33o-2 33o-3 - Copy 33o-3 33o-5 33o6 33o-7 33o-8 33o-9 33o-10 33o-11 33p-1 33p-2 33p-3 33p-4 33p-5 33p-6 33q-1 33q-2 33q3 33q-4 33q5 33q8 33q-9 33q-10 33q-11 33q-12 33q-13 33q-14 33q-15 33q-23 33r-1 33r-2 33r-3 33r-4 33r-5 33r-6 33r-7 33rs-1 33s=3 33s-2 33s-4 33s-5 33s-6 33s-7 33s-8 33s-9 33s-10 33s-11 33s-12 33s-13 33t-1 33t-2 33t-3 33t-4 33t-5 33t-6 33t-7 33t-8 33t-9 33t-10 33t-11 33t-12 33t-13 33u-1 33u-2 33u-3 33u-5 33u-6 33u-7 33u-8 33u-9 33v-1 33v-2 33v-3 33v-4 33v-5 33v-6 33v-7 33v-8 33v-9 33v-10 33v-11 33v-12 33v-14 33v-15 33v-16 33v-17 33v-18 33v-19 33w-1 33w-2 33w-3 33w-4 33w-5 33w-6 33w-7 33w-8 33w-9 33w-10 33w-12 33w-13 33w-14 33w-15 33w-16 33w-17 33w-18 33w-19 33x-1 33x-2 33x-3 33x-4 33x-5 33x-6 33y-1 33y-2 33y-3 33y-4 33y-5 33y-6 33y-7 33y-8 33y-9 33y-10 33y-11 33y-12 33y-13 33y-14 33y-15 33y-16 33y-17 33y-18 33y-19 33y-20 33y-189jpg 33yz-1 33z 33z-1 33z-2 33z-3 33z-4 33z-5 33z-6 33z-7 33z-8 33z-9 33z-10 33z-11 33z-11jpg 33z-12 33z-13 33z-14 33z-16 33z-17 33z18 34a-1 34a-2 34a-3 34a-4 34a-5 34a-6 34a-7 34a-8 34a-9 34a-10 34b-1 34b-2 34b-3 34c-1 34c-2 34c-3 34c-4 34c-5 34c-6 34c-7 34c-8 34c-9 34c-10 34c-11 34c-12 34c-13 34c-14 34c-15 34c-16 34c17 34c-17 34d-1 34d-2 34d-3 34e-1 34e-2 34e-3 34e-4 34e-5 34e-6 34e-7 34e-8 34e-9 34e-10 34e11 34e-12 34e-13 34e-14 34e-15 34e-16 34e-17 34f-1 34f-2 34f-3 34f-4 34f-5 34f-6 34g-1 34g-2 34g-3 34g-4 34g-5 34g-6 34g-7 34g-8 34g-9 34g-10 34g-11 34g-12 34g-13 34g-14 34g-15 34g-16 34g-17 34g-18 34g-19 34h-1 34h-2 34h-3 34h-4 34h-5 34h-6 34h-7 34h-8 34h-9 34h-10 34i-2 34i-3 34I-4 34i-5 34i-6 34i-7 34I-8 34i-9 34i-10 34i-11 34i-12 34i-13 34i-14 34i-15 34i-16 34i-17 34i-18 34j-1 34j-2 34j-3 34j-4 34j-5 34j-7 34j-8 34j-9 34j-10 34j-11 34j-12 34j-13 34j-14 34j-15 34k-1 34k-2 34k-3 34K-4 34l-1 34L-2 34L-3 34l-4 34L-5 34L-6 34L-7 34L-8 34L-9 34L-10 34L-11 34L-12 34L-13 34L-14 34L-15 34L-16 34L-17 34l-18 34L-19 34L-20 34L-21 34L-22 34L-23 34L-24 34L25 34L-25 34L26 34L-26 34L-27 34L-28 34L-29 34L-30 34m-1 34M-2 34M-3 34m-4 34m-5 34m-6 34m-7 34m-8 34m-9 34m-10 34m-11 34m-12 34m-13 34m-14 34n-1 34n-2 34n-3 34n-4 34o-1 34O-2 34o-3 34o-4 34o-5 34o-6 34O-7 34o-8 34O-9 34o-10 34o-11 34o-12 34p-1 34p-2 34p-3 34p-4 34p-5 34p-6 34p-8 34p-9 34p-10 34p-11 34p-12 34p-13 34p-14 34Q-1 34Q-2 34q-3 34q-4 34R-1 34r-2 34r-3 34r-4 34s-1 34s-2 34s-3 34s-4 34s-5 34s-6 34t-1 34t-2 34t-3 34t-4 34t-5 34t-6 34t-7 34t-8 34t-9 34t-10 34t-11 34t-12 34t-13 34t-15 34u-1 34u-2 34u-3 34u-4 34u-5 34u-6 34u-7 34u-8 34u-9 34u-10 34v-1 34v-2 34v-3 334a-1 334e-2 334e-3 Article 2 Article9 AS 5 AS 9 Huysenman Iching Etchings Mirrorim Lantern Continent text 2 Mirrors Within Strata MWS 2 MWS3 Object B righter 7 Snapshot_20151020_3 (2) Snapshot_20151020_3 Snapshot_20151025 Snapshot_20151025_2 Snapshot_20151025_3 Snapshot_20151025_4 Snapshot_20151025_5 Snapshot_20151025_6 Snapshot_20151025_7 Snapshot_20151025_8 Snapshot_20151025_9 Snapshot_20151025_10 Snapshot_20151025_11 Snapshot_20151026 Snapshot_20151026_1 Snapshot_20151026_2 (2) Snapshot_20151026_2 Snapshot_20151026_3 - Copy Snapshot_20151026_3 (2) Snapshot_20151026_3 Snapshot_20151026_4 Snapshot_20151026_5 Snapshot_20151026_6 Snapshot_20151026_7 Snapshot_20151026_8 Snapshot_20151026_9 Snapshot_20151026_10 Snapshot_20151026_11 Snapshot_20151026_12 Snapshot_20151026_13 Snapshot_20151026_14 Snapshot_20151026_15 Snapshot_20151026_16 Snapshot_20151026_17 Snapshot_20151026_18 Snapshot_20151026_19 Snapshot_20151026_20 Snapshot_20151026_21 Snapshot_20151026_22 Snapshot_20151026_23 Snapshot_20151026_24 Snapshot_20151026_25 Snapshot_20151026_26 Snapshot_20151026_27 Snapshot_20151026_28 Snapshot_20151026_29 Snapshot_20151026_30 Snapshot_20151026_31 Snapshot_20151026_32 Snapshot_20151026_33 Snapshot_20151026_34 Snapshot_20151026_35 Snapshot_20151026_36 Snapshot_20151026_37 Snapshot_20151026_38 Snapshot_20151026_39 Snapshot_20151026_40 Snapshot_20151026_41 Snapshot_20151026_42 Snapshot_20151026_43 Snapshot_20151026_44 Snapshot_20151026_45 Snapshot_20151026_46 Snapshot_20151026_47 Snapshot_20151026_48 Snapshot_20151026_49 Snapshot_20151026_50 Snapshot_20151026_51 Snapshot_20151026_52 Snapshot_20151026_53 Snapshot_20151026_54 Snapshot_20151026_55 Snapshot_20151026_56 Snapshot_20151026_57 Snapshot_20151026_58 Snapshot_20151026_59 Snapshot_20151026_60 Snapshot_20151026_61 Snapshot_20151026_62 Snapshot_20151026_63 Snapshot_20151026_64 Snapshot_20151026_65 Snapshot_20151026_66 Snapshot_20151026_67 Snapshot_20151026_68 Snapshot_20151026_69 Snapshot_20151026_70 Snapshot_20151026_71 Snapshot_20151026_72 Snapshot_20151026_73 Snapshot_20151026_74 Snapshot_20151026_75 Snapshot_20151026_76 Snapshot_20151026_77 Snapshot_20151026_78 Snapshot_20151026_79 Snapshot_20151026_80 Snapshot_20151026_81 Snapshot_20151026_82 Snapshot_20151026_83 Snapshot_20151026_84 Snapshot_20151026_85 Snapshot_20151026_86 Snapshot_20151026_87 Snapshot_20151026_88 Snapshot_20151026_89 Snapshot_20151026_90 Snapshot_20151026_91 Snapshot_20151026_92 Snapshot_20151026_93 Snapshot_20151026_94 Snapshot_20151026_95 Snapshot_20151026_96 Snapshot_20151026_97 tract

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