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= Ghosts Aghast Deus Ex Machina

=Ghost Aghast Deus Ex Machina
= Ghosts Aghast Deus Ex Machina

= motions sensor drawing

=Krater crater


=ethos pathos dielaectic-

= Labyrinth rubbings
= Ghosts Aghast Deus Ex Machina

= Labyrinth rubbings

=Artist’s sta
=pattern block

DRN (Drawing Research Network Articles

M->Orphic Journal
(M->Orphic Journal entry) patterns cognitive Cyberolithic Venus cultural patterns site nonsite revisited


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website Madame B
website Mère Folle
urce=bl&ots=RXR1zQCGZS&sig=z1qufvZDtlsuZuy_7o2uNykgon8&hl=en&sa=X&ei=vjPtTpH2DoSsgwe8rLiPCQ&ved=0CCAQ6AEwAA#v=onepage&q=Pidgin English structuralism&f=false
=free content
=Canadian journal of philosophy
=critical theory (Adorno- Frankfurt School)
Bal on the performative mode,-Interpellation,-and-the-Subject-of-Mass-Media&id=614657
use this for new artsites: artslant-Artlab- Artreviewer….
5&sig=3A0YzY1X_DN-gYhpkOQ4PM-Ppwk&hl=en&sa=X&ei=y-moU4DLLYqSyATGrICACQ&ved=0CDQQ6AEwAw#v=onepage&q=lacan cezanne&f=false
(unwritten book theme)
Course Website of John Phillips
Lacan and architecture
:Harvard Bibliographic system…
Todd Cronan


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Archive 100

11j1 17w-51 26a-10 26g-1 33q8 33q-23 33u-4 34d-5 34f-1 34g-1 34i-2 34j-6 34n-3 34n-4 34t-12 34v-1 34v-2 34v-2a 34v-3 34v-4 34v-5 34v-6 34v-7 34v-8 34v-9 34v-10 34v-11 34v-12 34w-1 34w-2 34w-3 34w-4 34w-5 34w-6 34w7 34w8 34w-9 34w-56jpg 34x-1 34x-2 34x-2 34x-3 34x-4 34X-5 34x-6 34x-7 34x-8 34x-9 34y 34y-1 34y-2 34y-3 34y-4 34y-5 34y-6 34y-7 34y-8 34y-9 34-y-9 34z=10 34z-1 34z-2 34z-3 34z-4 34z-5 34z-6 34z-7 34z-8 34z-9 34z-10 34z-11 34z-12 35-18 35a-1 35a-2 35a-3 35a-4 35a-5 35a-6 35a-7 35a-8 35a-9 35a-10 35a-11 35a-12 35a-13 35a-14 35a-15 35a-16 35a-17 35a18 35b-1 35c-1 35c-2 35c-3 35c-4 35c-5 35c-6 35c-7 35c-8 35c-9 35c-10 35c-11 35c-12 35d-1 35d-3 35d-4 35d-5 35d-6 35d-7 35e-1 35e-2 35e-3 35e-4 35e-5 35e-6 35f-1 35f-2 35f-3 35f-4 35f-5 35g-1 35g-2 35g-3 35g-4 35g-5 35h-1 35h-2 35h-3 35h-4 35h-5 35H-6 35h-7 35h-8 35h-9 35h-10 35h-11 35h-12 35h-13 35h-14 35i-1 35I-2 35i-3 35i-4 35i-5 35i-6 35i-7 35i-8 35i-9 35i-10 35i-11 35i-12 35i-18 35j-1 35j-2 35j-12 35k-1 35k-2 35k-3 35k-4 35k-5 35k-6 35k-7 35l-1 35L-2 35l-3 35l-4 35l-5 35l-6 35l-7 35l-8 35l-9 35L-10 35L-11 35L-12 35l-15 35l-16 35l-17 35L-18 35L-19 35l-20 35L-21 35L-22 35l-23 35l-24 35L-25 35L-26 35L27 35L-28 35L-29 35L-30 35m-1 35m-2 35m-3 35m-4 35m-5 35m-6 35m-7 35m-8 35m-9 35m-10 35m-11 35m-12 35m-13 35m-14 35m-15 35n-1 35N-2 35n-3 35n-6 35n-7 35n-8 35n-9 35n-10 35N-11 35o-1 35o-2 35O-3 35o-4 35o-5 35O-6 35p-1 35p-2 35p-3 35p-4 35p-5 35p-6 35p-7 35p-8 35p-9 35p-10 35p-11 35p-12 35Q-1 35q-2 35q-3 35q-4 35q-5 35q-6 35q-7 35R-8 35s-1 35s-2 35s-3 35s-4 35s-5 35S-6 35s-7 35s-8 35s-9 35s-10 35t-1 35t-2 35t-3 35t-4 35t-5 35t-6 35t-7 35t-8 35t-9 35t-10 35t-11 35t-12 35u1 35u-2 35u-3 35u-4 35v=1 35v-2 35v-3 35v-4 35v-5 35v-6 35v-7 35w=3 35w-1 35w-2 35w-4 35w-5 35w-6 35w-7 35w-8 35w-9 35w-10 35w-11 35w-12 35w-13 35w-14 35w-15 35w-16 35w-17 35w-18 35w-19 35w-20 35w-21 35x-1 35x-2 35x-3 35x-4 35x-5 35x-6 35x-7 35x-8 35x-9 35x-10 35x-11 35x-12 35x-13 35x-14 35x-15 35x-16 35x-17 35x-18 35x-19 35x-20 35x22 35y-1 35y-2 35y-3 35y-4 35y-5 35y-6 35y-7 35y-8 35y-9 35y-10 35z-1 35z-2 35z-3 35z-4 35z-5 35z-6 35z-7 36a-1 36a-2 36a-3 36a-4 36a-5 36a-6 36a-7 36a-8 36a-9 36b-1 36c-1 36c-2 36c-3 36c-4 36c-5 36c-6 36c-7 36c-8 36d-1 36d-2 36d-3 36d-4 36d-5 36e-1 36e-2 36e-3 36e-4 36e-5 36e-6 36e-7 36e-8 36f-1 36f-2 36f-3 36f-4 36f-5 36f-6 36f-7 36f-8 36f-9 36f-10 36f-11 36f-12 36f-13 36g-1 36g-2 36g-3 36g-4 36g-5 36g-6 36g-7 36g-8 36g-9 36h-1 36h-2 36h-3 36h-4 36h-5 36h-6 36h-7 36h-8 36h-9 36h-10 36h-11 36h-12 36i-1 36i-2 36j-1 36j-2 36j-3 36k-1 36k-2 36k-3 36k-4 36k-5 36K-6 36K-7 36k-8 36K-9 36K-10 36K-11 36L=6 36l-1 36L-2 36l-3 36L-4 36l-5 36L-7 36L-8 36L9 36L-10 36L-11 36L-12 36L-13 36l-14 36M-1 36M-2 36m-3 36m-4 36m-5 36m-6 36m-7 36M-8 36n-1 36n-2 36n-3 36n-4 36n-5 36n-6 36n-7 36n-8 36n-9 36n-10 36n-11 36n-12 36n-13 36n-14 36n-15 36n-16 36n-17 36n-18 36n-19 36n-20 36n21 36n22 36n23 36o-1 36o-2 36o-3 36o-4 36o-5 36o-6 36o-7 36o-9 36o-10 36o-11 36o-12 36o-13 36o-14 36o-15 36o-16 36o-17 36o-18 36o-19 36o-20 36o--p8 36p-1 36p-2 36p-3 36Q-1 36q-2 36q-3 36q-4 36q-5 36q-6 36r-1 36r-2 36r-3 36r-4 36r-5 36r-6 36s-1 36s-2 36s-4 36s-5 36s-6 36s-7 36s-8 36s-9 36s-10 36s-11 36s-12 36t-1 36t-2 36t-3 36t4 36t-5 36t-8 36t-9 36t-10 36t-11 36u-1 36u-2 36u-3 36u-4 36u-5 36v-1 36v-2 36v-3 36v-4 36v-5 36v-6 36v-7 36v-8 36v-9 36v-10 36v-11 36w-1 36w-2 36w-3 36w-4 36w-5 36w-6 36w-7 36w-8 36w-9 36w-10 36x-1 36x-2 36x-3 36x-4 36x-5 36x-6 36x-6 36x-7 36x-8 36x-9 36x-10 36y-1 36y-2 36y-3 36y-10 36z-1 37c-3 37t-1 Capture.GIF33n-5 Snapshot_20150917_50 Snapshot_20150917_51 Snapshot_20150917_52 Snapshot_20150917_53 Snapshot_20151008 Snapshot_20151008_1 Snapshot_20151008_2 Snapshot_20151008_3 Snapshot_20151008_4 Snapshot_20151008_5 Snapshot_20151008_6 Snapshot_20151008_7 Snapshot_20151008_8 Snapshot_20151008_9 Snapshot_20151008_10 Snapshot_20151008_11 Snapshot_20151008_12 Snapshot_20151008_13 Snapshot_20151008_14 Snapshot_20151008_15 Snapshot_20151017 Snapshot_20151017_1 Snapshot_20151017_2 Snapshot_20151017_3 Snapshot_20151017_4 Snapshot_20151017_5 Snapshot_20151017_6 Snapshot_20151017_7 Snapshot_20151017_8 Snapshot_20151017_9 Snapshot_20151017_10 Snapshot_20151017_11 Snapshot_20151017_12 Snapshot_20151017_13 Snapshot_20151017_14 Snapshot_20151017_15 Snapshot_20151017_16 Snapshot_20151017_17 Snapshot_20151017_18 Snapshot_20151017_19 Snapshot_20151017_20 Snapshot_20151017_21 Snapshot_20151017_22 Snapshot_20151017_23 Snapshot_20151017_24 Snapshot_20151017_25 Snapshot_20151017_26 Snapshot_20151017_27 Snapshot_20151017_28 Snapshot_20151017_29 Snapshot_20151017_30 Snapshot_20151017_31 Snapshot_20151017_32 Snapshot_20151017_33 Snapshot_20151017_34 Snapshot_20151017_35 Snapshot_20151017_36 Snapshot_20151017_37 Snapshot_20151017_38 Snapshot_20151017_39 Snapshot_20151017_40 Snapshot_20151017_41 Snapshot_20151017_42 Snapshot_20151017_43 Snapshot_20151017_44 Snapshot_20151017_45 Snapshot_20151017_46 Snapshot_20151017_47 Snapshot_20151017_48 Snapshot_20151017_49 Snapshot_20151017_50 Snapshot_20151030 Snapshot_20151030_1 Snapshot_20151030_2 Snapshot_20151030_3 Snapshot_20151030_4 Snapshot_20151030_5 Snapshot_20151030_6 Snapshot_20151030_7 Snapshot_20151030_8 Snapshot_20151031_1 Snapshot_20151031_2 Snapshot_20151031_3 Snapshot_20151101 Snapshot_20151101_1 Snapshot_20151101_2 Snapshot_20151101_3 Snapshot_20151101_4 Snapshot_20151101_5 Snapshot_20151101_6 Snapshot_20151101_7 Snapshot_20151101_8 Snapshot_20151101_9 Snapshot_20151101_10 Snapshot_20151101_11 Snapshot_20151101_12 Snapshot_20151101_13 Snapshot_20151101_14 Snapshot_20151111 Snapshot_20151111_1 Snapshot_20151111_2 Snapshot_20151111_4 Snapshot_20151111_5 Snapshot_20151111_6 Snapshot_20151111_7 Snapshot_20151111_8 Snapshot_20151111_9 Snapshot_20151111_10 Snapshot_20151111_11 Snapshot_20151111_12 Snapshot_20151111_13 Snapshot_20151113 Snapshot_20151113_1 Snapshot_20151113_2 Snapshot_20151113_3 Snapshot_20151113_4 Snapshot_20151113_5 Snapshot_20151113_6 Snapshot_20151113_7 Snapshot_20151113_8 Snapshot_20151113_9 Snapshot_20151113_10 Snapshot_20151113_11 Snapshot_20151113_12 Snapshot_20151113_13 Snapshot_20151113_14 Snapshot_20151113_15 Snapshot_20151113_16 Snapshot_20151113_17 Snapshot_20151114 Snapshot_20151114_2 Snapshot_20151114_3 Snapshot_20151114_4 Snapshot_20151114_5 Snapshot_20151114_6 Snapshot_20151114_7 Snapshot_20151114_8 Snapshot_20151114_9 Snapshot_20151114_10 Snapshot_20151114_11 Snapshot_20151114_12 Snapshot_20151114_13 Snapshot_20151114_14 Snapshot_20151114_15 Snapshot_20151114_16 Snapshot_20151114_17 Snapshot_20151114_18 Snapshot_20151114_19 Snapshot_20151114_20 Snapshot_20151114_21 Snapshot_20151114_22 Snapshot_20151114_23 Snapshot_20151114_25 Snapshot_20151114_26 Snapshot_20151114_27 Snapshot_20151114_28 Snapshot_20151114_29 Snapshot_20151114_31 Snapshot_20151114_32 Snapshot_20151114_33 Snapshot_20151114_34 Snapshot_20151114_35 Snapshot_20151114_36 Snapshot_20151114_37 Snapshot_20151114_38 Snapshot_20151114_39 Snapshot_20151114_40 Snapshot_20151114_41 Snapshot_20151114_42 Snapshot_20151114_43 Snapshot_20151114_44 Snapshot_20151114_45

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archive 99

13p-7 26a-10 27t-10 28a-2 28a-3 28a-4 28a-5 28a-6 28a-7 28a-8 28a-9 28a-10 28a-11 28a-12 28a-13 28a-14 28a-15 28a-16 28a-17 28m-5 29b-9 29d-1 29m-6 29n-1 29t-4 30g-5 30v-1 30v-4 30v-13 31-7 33f-13 33L-5 33n-1 33n-2 33n-3 33n-4 33n-5 33n-6 33n-7 33n-8 33n-9 33n-10 33n-11 33n-12 33n-13 33n-14 33n-15 33o-1 33o-2 33o-3 - Copy 33o-3 33o-5 33o6 33o-7 33o-8 33o-9 33o-10 33o-11 33p-1 33p-2 33p-3 33p-4 33p-5 33p-6 33q-1 33q-2 33q3 33q-4 33q5 33q8 33q-9 33q-10 33q-11 33q-12 33q-13 33q-14 33q-15 33q-23 33r-1 33r-2 33r-3 33r-4 33r-5 33r-6 33r-7 33rs-1 33s=3 33s-2 33s-4 33s-5 33s-6 33s-7 33s-8 33s-9 33s-10 33s-11 33s-12 33s-13 33t-1 33t-2 33t-3 33t-4 33t-5 33t-6 33t-7 33t-8 33t-9 33t-10 33t-11 33t-12 33t-13 33u-1 33u-2 33u-3 33u-5 33u-6 33u-7 33u-8 33u-9 33v-1 33v-2 33v-3 33v-4 33v-5 33v-6 33v-7 33v-8 33v-9 33v-10 33v-11 33v-12 33v-14 33v-15 33v-16 33v-17 33v-18 33v-19 33w-1 33w-2 33w-3 33w-4 33w-5 33w-6 33w-7 33w-8 33w-9 33w-10 33w-12 33w-13 33w-14 33w-15 33w-16 33w-17 33w-18 33w-19 33x-1 33x-2 33x-3 33x-4 33x-5 33x-6 33y-1 33y-2 33y-3 33y-4 33y-5 33y-6 33y-7 33y-8 33y-9 33y-10 33y-11 33y-12 33y-13 33y-14 33y-15 33y-16 33y-17 33y-18 33y-19 33y-20 33y-189jpg 33yz-1 33z 33z-1 33z-2 33z-3 33z-4 33z-5 33z-6 33z-7 33z-8 33z-9 33z-10 33z-11 33z-11jpg 33z-12 33z-13 33z-14 33z-16 33z-17 33z18 34a-1 34a-2 34a-3 34a-4 34a-5 34a-6 34a-7 34a-8 34a-9 34a-10 34b-1 34b-2 34b-3 34c-1 34c-2 34c-3 34c-4 34c-5 34c-6 34c-7 34c-8 34c-9 34c-10 34c-11 34c-12 34c-13 34c-14 34c-15 34c-16 34c17 34c-17 34d-1 34d-2 34d-3 34e-1 34e-2 34e-3 34e-4 34e-5 34e-6 34e-7 34e-8 34e-9 34e-10 34e11 34e-12 34e-13 34e-14 34e-15 34e-16 34e-17 34f-1 34f-2 34f-3 34f-4 34f-5 34f-6 34g-1 34g-2 34g-3 34g-4 34g-5 34g-6 34g-7 34g-8 34g-9 34g-10 34g-11 34g-12 34g-13 34g-14 34g-15 34g-16 34g-17 34g-18 34g-19 34h-1 34h-2 34h-3 34h-4 34h-5 34h-6 34h-7 34h-8 34h-9 34h-10 34i-2 34i-3 34I-4 34i-5 34i-6 34i-7 34I-8 34i-9 34i-10 34i-11 34i-12 34i-13 34i-14 34i-15 34i-16 34i-17 34i-18 34j-1 34j-2 34j-3 34j-4 34j-5 34j-7 34j-8 34j-9 34j-10 34j-11 34j-12 34j-13 34j-14 34j-15 34k-1 34k-2 34k-3 34K-4 34l-1 34L-2 34L-3 34l-4 34L-5 34L-6 34L-7 34L-8 34L-9 34L-10 34L-11 34L-12 34L-13 34L-14 34L-15 34L-16 34L-17 34l-18 34L-19 34L-20 34L-21 34L-22 34L-23 34L-24 34L25 34L-25 34L26 34L-26 34L-27 34L-28 34L-29 34L-30 34m-1 34M-2 34M-3 34m-4 34m-5 34m-6 34m-7 34m-8 34m-9 34m-10 34m-11 34m-12 34m-13 34m-14 34n-1 34n-2 34n-3 34n-4 34o-1 34O-2 34o-3 34o-4 34o-5 34o-6 34O-7 34o-8 34O-9 34o-10 34o-11 34o-12 34p-1 34p-2 34p-3 34p-4 34p-5 34p-6 34p-8 34p-9 34p-10 34p-11 34p-12 34p-13 34p-14 34Q-1 34Q-2 34q-3 34q-4 34R-1 34r-2 34r-3 34r-4 34s-1 34s-2 34s-3 34s-4 34s-5 34s-6 34t-1 34t-2 34t-3 34t-4 34t-5 34t-6 34t-7 34t-8 34t-9 34t-10 34t-11 34t-12 34t-13 34t-15 34u-1 34u-2 34u-3 34u-4 34u-5 34u-6 34u-7 34u-8 34u-9 34u-10 34v-1 34v-2 34v-3 334a-1 334e-2 334e-3 Article 2 Article9 AS 5 AS 9 Huysenman Iching Etchings Mirrorim Lantern Continent text 2 Mirrors Within Strata MWS 2 MWS3 Object B righter 7 Snapshot_20151020_3 (2) Snapshot_20151020_3 Snapshot_20151025 Snapshot_20151025_2 Snapshot_20151025_3 Snapshot_20151025_4 Snapshot_20151025_5 Snapshot_20151025_6 Snapshot_20151025_7 Snapshot_20151025_8 Snapshot_20151025_9 Snapshot_20151025_10 Snapshot_20151025_11 Snapshot_20151026 Snapshot_20151026_1 Snapshot_20151026_2 (2) Snapshot_20151026_2 Snapshot_20151026_3 - Copy Snapshot_20151026_3 (2) Snapshot_20151026_3 Snapshot_20151026_4 Snapshot_20151026_5 Snapshot_20151026_6 Snapshot_20151026_7 Snapshot_20151026_8 Snapshot_20151026_9 Snapshot_20151026_10 Snapshot_20151026_11 Snapshot_20151026_12 Snapshot_20151026_13 Snapshot_20151026_14 Snapshot_20151026_15 Snapshot_20151026_16 Snapshot_20151026_17 Snapshot_20151026_18 Snapshot_20151026_19 Snapshot_20151026_20 Snapshot_20151026_21 Snapshot_20151026_22 Snapshot_20151026_23 Snapshot_20151026_24 Snapshot_20151026_25 Snapshot_20151026_26 Snapshot_20151026_27 Snapshot_20151026_28 Snapshot_20151026_29 Snapshot_20151026_30 Snapshot_20151026_31 Snapshot_20151026_32 Snapshot_20151026_33 Snapshot_20151026_34 Snapshot_20151026_35 Snapshot_20151026_36 Snapshot_20151026_37 Snapshot_20151026_38 Snapshot_20151026_39 Snapshot_20151026_40 Snapshot_20151026_41 Snapshot_20151026_42 Snapshot_20151026_43 Snapshot_20151026_44 Snapshot_20151026_45 Snapshot_20151026_46 Snapshot_20151026_47 Snapshot_20151026_48 Snapshot_20151026_49 Snapshot_20151026_50 Snapshot_20151026_51 Snapshot_20151026_52 Snapshot_20151026_53 Snapshot_20151026_54 Snapshot_20151026_55 Snapshot_20151026_56 Snapshot_20151026_57 Snapshot_20151026_58 Snapshot_20151026_59 Snapshot_20151026_60 Snapshot_20151026_61 Snapshot_20151026_62 Snapshot_20151026_63 Snapshot_20151026_64 Snapshot_20151026_65 Snapshot_20151026_66 Snapshot_20151026_67 Snapshot_20151026_68 Snapshot_20151026_69 Snapshot_20151026_70 Snapshot_20151026_71 Snapshot_20151026_72 Snapshot_20151026_73 Snapshot_20151026_74 Snapshot_20151026_75 Snapshot_20151026_76 Snapshot_20151026_77 Snapshot_20151026_78 Snapshot_20151026_79 Snapshot_20151026_80 Snapshot_20151026_81 Snapshot_20151026_82 Snapshot_20151026_83 Snapshot_20151026_84 Snapshot_20151026_85 Snapshot_20151026_86 Snapshot_20151026_87 Snapshot_20151026_88 Snapshot_20151026_89 Snapshot_20151026_90 Snapshot_20151026_91 Snapshot_20151026_92 Snapshot_20151026_93 Snapshot_20151026_94 Snapshot_20151026_95 Snapshot_20151026_96 Snapshot_20151026_97 tract

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Archive 98

31a-1 31a-2 31a-3 31a-4 31a-5 31a-6 31a-7 31b-1 31b-2 31b-3 31b-4 31b-5 31b-6 31b-7 31b-8 31c-1 31c-2 31c-3 31c-4 31c-5 31c-6 31c-7 31c-8 31c-9 31c-10 31c-11 31c-12 31d-1 31d-2 31d-3 31d-4 31d-5 31d-6 31d-7 31e-1 31e-2 31e-3 31e-4 31e5 31e-6 31f-1 31f-2 31f-3 31g-1 31g-4 31g-5 31g-6 31g-7 31g-8 31g-9 31g-10 31g-11 31g-12 31g-13 31h-2 31h-3 31h-4 31h-5 31h-6 31h-7 31h-8 31h-9 31h-10 31h-11 31hi1 31I-1 31I-2 31I-3 31i-4 31i-5 31i-6 31I-7 31i-8 31i-9 31j-1 31j-2 31k-1 31k-2 31k-3 31k-4 31k-5 31k-6 31k-7 31k-8 31k-9 31k-10 31k-11 31k-12 31k-13 31k-14 31k-15 31k-16 31k-17 31k-18 31l-1 31-L-1 31l-9 31m-1 31m-2 31m-3 31m-4 31n-1 31n-2 31n-3 31n-5 31n-6 31n-7 31n-8 31n-9 31n-10 31n-12 31n-13 31n-14 31o-1 31o-2 31o-3 31o-4 31p-1 31p2 31p-3 31q=9 31q-1 31q-4 31q-5 31q-6 31q-7 31q-8 31q-10 31q-11 31q-12 31q-13 31q-14 31q-15 31r-1 31s-1 31s-2 31s-3 31s-4 31s-5 31s-6 31s-7 31s-8 31s-9 31s-10 31t-1 31t-2 31t-3 31t-4 31t-5 31t-6 31t-7 31t-8 31t-9 31t-10 31t-11 31t-12 31t-13 31u-1 31u-2 31u-3 31u-4 31u-5 31u-6 (2) 31u-6 31u-7 31u-8 31u-9 31v-1 31v-2 31v-3 31v-4 31v-5 31v-6 31v-7 31v-8 31v-9 31v-10 31v-11 31v-12 31v-13 31w-1 31w-2 31w-3 31w-4 31w-5 31w-6 31w-7 31w-8 31x-1 31x-2 31x-3 31x-4 31y1 31y-2 31y-3 31y-4 31y-5 31y-6 31y-7 31y-8 31y-9 31y10 31y-11 31z-1 31z-2 31z-3 31z-4 31z-5 31z-6 31z-7 31z-8 31z-9 31z-10 31z-11 31z-12 32a-1 32a-2 32a-3 32a-4 32a-5 32a-6 32a-7 32a-8 32b-1 32b-2 32b-3 32b-4 32b-5 32b-6 32b-7 32c-9 32c-10 32f-3 32f-4 32f-5 32g-1 32g-2 32g-3 32g-4 32g-5 32g-6 32h-1 32h-2 32h-3 32h-4 32h-5 32I-1 32I-2 32i-3 32I-4 32I-5 32j-1 32J-2 32j-3 32l-6 32n-13 32q-3 32q-4 32Q-5 32q-6 32q-7 32q-8 32Qu2 32r=1 32r-2 32r-3 32r-4 32r-5 32s-1 32S-2 32S-3 32s-4 32S-5 32S-6 32s-7 32s-8 32t-1 32t-2 32t-3 32t-4 32t-5 32t-6 32t-7 32t-8 32t-9 32u-1 32v-1 32w-1 32w-2 32w-3 32w-4 32w-5 32w-6 32w-7 32w-8 32w-9 32w-10 32w-11 32w-12 32x-1 32x-2 32x-3 32z-1 32z-2 32z-3 32z-4 32z-5 32z-6 32z-7 33a-1 33a-2 33a-3 33a-4 33a-5 33a-6 33a-7 33a-8 33a-9 33a-10 33a11 33a12 33a-12 33a-13 33b-1 33c-1 33c-2 33c-4 33c-5 33c-6 33c-7 33c-8 33d-1 33d-2 33d-3 33d-4 33e-1 33e-2 33e-3 33e-4 33e-5 33e-6 33f-1 33f-2 33f-3 33f-4 33g-1 33g-2 33g-3 33g-4 33g-5 33g-6 33g-7 33g-8 33g-9 33g-10 33g-11 33h-1 33h-2 33h-3 33h-4 33h-5 33h-6 33h-7 33i-1 33i-2 33i-3 33i-4 33i-5 33i-6 33i-7 33i-8 33i-9 33i-10 33i-12 33i-13 33j-1 33j-2 33j-3 33j-4 33j-5 33j-6 33j-7 33j-8 33j-9 33j-10 33j-11 33j-12 33k-1 33k-2 33k-3 33k-4 33k-6 33K-8 33kk-7 33l-1 33L2 33l-3 33L4 33L-5 33l-6 33m-2 33m-3 33m-4 33m-5 33m-6 33n-1 33v-1 36h-2 Snapshot_20151008 Snapshot_20151008_1 Snapshot_20151008_2 Snapshot_20151008_3 Snapshot_20151008_4 Snapshot_20151008_5 Snapshot_20151008_6 Snapshot_20151008_7 Snapshot_20151008_8 Snapshot_20151008_9 Snapshot_20151008_10 Snapshot_20151008_11 Snapshot_20151008_12 Snapshot_20151008_13 Snapshot_20151008_14 Snapshot_20151008_15

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Archive 97

3 3o0-11 3ok-l-1 3oq-1 7 7 28 28-7 28a-12 28f-4 28h-10 28h-19 28i-2 28j-19 28j-20 28k-1 28k-2 28k-3 28k-4 28k-5 28k-6 28k-7 28k-8 28k-9 28k-10 28k-11 28k-12 28k-13 28k-14 28k-14 28l-1 28l-2 28l-3 28l-4 28L-5 28L-5 28l-6 28l-7 28l-8 28l-9 28l-10 28l-11 28l-12 28l-13 28l-14 28l-15 28l-16 28l-17 28l-18 28l-19 28l-20 28l-21 28l-22 28l-22 28L-23 28L-24 28m-1 28m-2 28M-3 28m-4 28m-5 28M-6 28n-1 28n-2 28n-3 28n-4 28n-5 28n-6 28n-7 28n-8 28n-9 28n-10 28n-11 28o=11 28o-1 28o-2 28o-3 28o-4 28o-5 28o-6 28o-7 28o-8 28o-9 28o-10 28o-12 28o-13 28o-14 28o-15 28o-16 28o-17 28o-18 28o-19 28o-20 28p-1 28p-2 28p-3 28p-4 28p-5 28p-6 28p-7 28p-8 28p-9 28p-10 28p-11 28p-12 28p-13 28p-14 28q-1 28r-1 28r-2 28r-3 28r-4 28r-5 28r-6 28s-1 28s-2 28s-3 28s-4 28t-1 28t-2 28t-4 28t-5 28t-6 28t-7 28t-8 28t-9 28t-10 28t-11 28u-1 28u-2 28u-3 28u-4 28u-5 28u-6 28u-7 28u-8 28u-9 28u-10 28u-11 28v-1 28v-2 28v-3 28v-4 28v-5 28v-6 28v-7 28v-8 28w-1 28w-2 28w-3 28w-4 28w-5 28w-6 28w-7 28w-7 28w-8 28w-9 28w-9 28x=10 28x=10 28x-1 28x-2 28x-2 28x-2 28x-2a_Page_1 28x-2a_Page_2 28x-3 28x-4 28x-4 28x-5 28x-6 28x-6 28x-7 28x-8 28x-8 28x-9 28x-11 28x-12 28x-12 28x-13 28x-14 28x-15 28x-16 28x-17 28x-18 28x-19 28x-20 28x-21 28x-21 28x-22 28x-29 28y-1 28z-1 28z-2 28z-3 28z-4 28z-5 28z-6 28z-7 28z-8 28z-9 28z-10 28z-11 28z-12 28z-13 28z-14 28z-15 28z-16 29-13 29a-1 29a-2 29a-3 29a-4 29a-5 29a-6 29a-7 29b-1 29b-2 29b-3 29b-4 29b-5 29b-6 29b-7 29b-8 29b-9 29b-10 29b-11 29b-12 29b-13 29b-14 29b-15 29b-16 29b-17 29b-18 29b-18 29b-19 29c-1 29c-2 29c-3 29c-4 29c-5 29c-5 29c-6 29c-7 29c-8 29c-8 29c-9 29c-10 29c-11 29c-12 29c-12 29c-13 29c-14 29c-15 29d-1 29d-1 29d-2 29d-3 29d-4 29d-5 29d-6 29d-7 29d-8 29d-9 29d-10 (2) 29d-10 29d-10 29d-10 29d-11 29d-12 29d-13 29d-13 29d-13 29d-14 29d-15 29d-16 29d-16 29d-17 29d-18 29d-19 29d-20 29e- 29e-2 29e-3 29e-4 29e-5 29e-6 29e-6 29f-1 29f-2 29f-3 29f-3 29f-4 29f-5 29f-6 29f-7 29f-8 29f-9 29f-10 - Copy 29f-10 29f-11 29f-12 29f-13 29f-14 29f-14 29f-15 29f-16 29f-17 29f-18 29f-19 29f-20 29f-21 29f-21 29f-22 29f-22 29f-22 29f-22 29f-23 29f-23 29f-24 29f-25 29f-25jpg 29f-26 29f-27 29f-27 29f-28 29g-1 29g-2 29g-4 29g-5 29g-6 29g-7 29g-7_Page_2 29g-7_Page_3 29g-7_Page_4 29g-8 29g-9 29h-1 29h-2 29i-1 29i-2 29i-3 29i-4 29i-5 29i-6 29i-7 29i-8 29i-9 29j-1 29j-2 29j-3 29j-4 29j-5 29j-6 29j-7 29j-8 29j-9 29j-10 29j-11 29j-12 29j-13 29j-14 29j-15 29j-16 29j-17 29j-18 29k-1 29k-2 29k-3 29k-4 29k-5 29k-6 29k-7 29k-8 29k-9 29k-10 29k-11 29k-12 29k-13 29k-14 29k-15 29k-16 29k-17 29k-18 29k-19 29k-21 29l-1 29l-2 29l-3 29l-4 29l-5 29m-1 29m-2 29m-3 29m-4 29m-5 29m-6 29m-7 29m-8 29n-1 29n-2 29n-3 29n-4 29n-5 29n-6 29n-7 29n-8 29n-9 29o-1 29o-2 29o-3 29o-4 29o-5 29o-6 29p-1 29p-2 29p-3 29p-4 29p-5 29p-6 29q-1 29q-2 29q-3 29q-4 29q-5 29q-6 29q-7 29q-8 29q-9 29q-9 29q-10 29q-10 29q-11 29r-1 29r-3 29r-4 29r-5 29r-6 29r-7 29r-8 29r9 29r-10 29r-11 29r12 29r-12 29r-12 29r-13 29r-14 29r-15 29r-16 29r-17 29r-18 29r19 29r-20 29r21 29r-22 29r-23 29r-24 29r-25 29r-26 29r-27 29r-28 29r-29 29r-30 29r-32 29r-33 29r-34 29r-35 29r-36 29r-38 29r40 29r-41 29r-42 29r-45 29r-47 29r-48 29r-49 29r-50 29r-51 29r-52 29r-53 29r-55 29r-56 29r-57 29r-58 29r-59 29r-60 29r-61 29r-63 29r-64 29r-65 29r-66 29r-68 29r-69 29r-70 29r-71 29r-72 29r-74 29r-75 29r-76 29r80 29r-81 29r-83 29r-84 29r-85 29r-86 29r-87 29r-88 29r89 29r-90 29r-91 29r-93 29r-94 29r-96 29r-97 29r-98 29r99 29r-99 29r100 29r-101 29r-102 29r-103 29r-104 29r-105 29r-106 29r-107 29r-108 29r-109 29r-110 29r-111 29r112 29r-113 29r114 29r-116 29r-118 29r-119 29r-121 29r-123 29r-124 29r-125 29r-126 29r-128 29r-129 29r-130 29r-131 29r-132 29r-133 29r-134 29r-135 29r-136 29r-137 29r-138 29r-139 29r-140 29r-141 29r-142 29r-143 29r-144 29r-145 29r-146 29r-147 29r-1115 29r-1130 29r-1222 29s-1 29s-2 29s-3 29s-4 29s-5 29s-6 29s-7 29T-1 29t-2 29t-3 29t-4 29u-1 29u-2 29u-3 29u-4 29u-5 29u-6 29u-7 29u-8 29u-9 29u-10 29u-11 29u-12 29u-13 29u-14 29u-15 29v-1 29v-2 29v-3 29v-4 29v-5 29v-6 29v-7 29v-8 29v-9 29v-10 29v-11 29v-12 29v-13 29v-14 29v-15 29v-16 29w-1 29w-2 29w-3 29x-1 29x-2 29x-3 29x-4 29x-5 29x-6 29x-7 29x-8 29x-9 29x-10 29x-11 29x-12 29x-13 29y-1 29y-2 29y-3 29y-4 29y-5 29y-6 29y-7 29y-8 29z=3 29z-1 29z-2 29z-4 29z-5 29z-6 29z-7 29z-8 29z-9 29z-10 30 r-2 30-15 30-16 30a-1 30a-2 30a-3 30a-4 30a-5 30a-6 30a-7 30a-8 30a-9 30b-9 30b-10 30c-1 30c-2 30d-1 30d-2 30d-3 30d-4 30d-5 30d-6 30d-7 30d-8 30d-9 30e-1 30e-2 30e-3 30e-4 30e-5 30e-6 30e-7 30e-8 30f-1 30f-2 30f9 30f-10 30f-12 30f-14 30f-15 30f-16 30f-17 30f-18 30f-19 30g-1 30g-2 30g-3 30g-4 30g-5 30g-6 30g-7 30h-1 30h-2 30h-3 30h-4 30h-5 30h-6 30h-7 30h-8 30h-9 30h-10 30h-11 30h-12 30h-13 30h-14 30I-1 30I-2 30I-3 30I-4 30I-5 30I-6 30I-7 30I-8 30I-9 30I-10 30I-11 30I-12 30I-13 30I-14 30j-1 30j-2 30j-3 30j-4 30k-1 30k-2 30k-3 30k-4 30k-5 30k-6 30k-7 30k-8 30k-9 30k-10 30k-11 30k-12 30l-1 30m-1 30m-2 30m-3 30m-4 30m-5 30m-6 30m-7 30n-1 30n-2 30n-3 30n-4 30n-5 30n-6 30n-7 30n-8 30n-9 30n10 30n-10 30n-11 30n-12 30n-13 30n-14 30n-15 30-o-3 30o-4 30o-5 30o-6 30o-7 30o-8 30o-9 30o-10 30p-1 30p-2 30p-3 30p-4 30p-5 30p-6 30p-7 30p-8 30p-9 30p-10 30p-11 30p-12 30p-13 30p-14 30p-15 30q-1 30q-2 30q-3 30q-4 30q-5 30q-6 30q-7 30R-1 30r-2 30r-3 30r-4 30r-5 30r-6 30r-7 30r-8 30r-9 30r-10 30r-11 30r-12 30r-13 30r-14 30s-1 30s-2 30s-3 30s-4 30s-5 30s-6 30s-7 30s-8 30s-9 30s-10 30s-11 30s-12 30s-13 30s-14 30s-15 30s-16 30s-17 30s-18 30s-19 30s-20 30t=1 30t=3 30t=4 30t-2 30t-3 30t-4 30t-5 30t-6 30t-7 30t-8 30t-9 30t-10 30t-11 30t-12 30t-13 30t-14 30t-15 30u-1 30u-2 30u3 30u-4 30u-5 30u-6 30u-7 30u-8 30u-9 30u-10 30u-11 30u-12 30u-13 30u-14 30u-15 30u-16 30u-17 30u-18 30u-19 30u020 30u-20 30u-21 30u-22 30u-23 30v-1 30v-2 30v-3 30v-4 30v-5 30v-6 30v-7 30v-8 30v-9 30v-10 30v-11 30v-12 30v-13 30v-14 30v-15 30v-16 30v-17 30v-18 30v-19 30v-20 30v21 30v-21 30w-1 30w-2 30w-3 30w-4 30w-5 30w-6 30w7 30w-8 30w-9 30w-10 30w-11 30w-12 30w-13 30w-14 30w-15 30w-16 30x-1 30x-2 30x-3 30x-4 30x-5 30x-6 30x-7 30x-8 30x-9 30y-1 30y-2 30y-3 30y-4 30y-5 30z-1 30z-2 30z-3 30z-4 30z-5 30z-6 30z-7 30z-8 30z-9 290-2 290-4 290-5 300-1 300-2 2903 Artist Capture Publication1.pub28k=9 Publication3 Snapshot_20150823_37 Snapshot_20150823_38 Snapshot_20150823_39 Snapshot_20150823_40 Snapshot_20150823_41 Snapshot_20150823_42 Snapshot_20150823_43 Snapshot_20150828 Snapshot_20150828_1 Snapshot_20150828_2 Snapshot_20150828_3 Snapshot_20150828_4 Snapshot_20150828_5 Snapshot_20150828_6 Snapshot_20150828_7 Snapshot_20150828_8 Snapshot_20150828_9 Snapshot_20150828_10 Snapshot_20150828_11 Snapshot_20150828_12 Snapshot_20150828_13 Snapshot_20150828_14 Snapshot_20150828_15 Snapshot_20150828_16 Snapshot_20150828_17 Snapshot_20150828_18 Snapshot_20150828_19 Snapshot_20150828_20 Snapshot_20150828_21 Snapshot_20150828_22 Snapshot_20150828_23 Snapshot_20150828_24 Snapshot_20150828_25 Snapshot_20150828_26 Snapshot_20150828_27 Snapshot_20150828_28 Snapshot_20150828_29 Snapshot_20150828_30 Snapshot_20150828_31 Snapshot_20150828_32 Snapshot_20150829_1 Snapshot_20150905 Snapshot_20150905_1 Snapshot_20150905_2 Snapshot_20150905_3 Snapshot_20150905_4 Snapshot_20150905_5 Snapshot_20150911_13 Snapshot_20150911_14 Snapshot_20150911_15 (2) Snapshot_20150911_15 Snapshot_20150911_16 (2) Snapshot_20150911_16 Snapshot_20150911_17 Snapshot_20150911_18 Snapshot_20150911_19 Snapshot_20150917 Snapshot_20150917_1 Snapshot_20150917_2 Snapshot_20150917_3 Snapshot_20150917_4 Snapshot_20150917_5 Snapshot_20150917_6 Snapshot_20150917_7 Snapshot_20150917_8 Snapshot_20150917_9 Snapshot_20150917_10 Snapshot_20150917_11 Snapshot_20150917_12 Snapshot_20150917_13 Snapshot_20150917_26 Snapshot_20150917_27 Snapshot_20150917_28 Snapshot_20150917_29 Snapshot_20150917_30 Snapshot_20150917_31 Snapshot_20150917_32 Snapshot_20150917_33 Snapshot_20150917_34 Snapshot_20150917_35 Snapshot_20150917_36 Snapshot_20150917_37 Snapshot_20150917_38 Snapshot_20150917_39 Snapshot_20150917_40 Snapshot_20150917_41 Snapshot_20150917_42 Snapshot_20150917_43 Snapshot_20150917_44 Snapshot_20150917_45 Snapshot_20150917_46 Snapshot_20150917_47 Snapshot_20150917_48 Snapshot_20150917_49 Snapshot_20150917_50 Snapshot_20150917_51 Snapshot_20150917_52 Snapshot_20150917_53

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